All types of saffron which is the best to buy online

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Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

List of Saffron Types

All types of saffron and what is the best


For foreigners, Sargol saffron is known as All Red. That is because of its color. The whole thread on this type is red. Sargol is the first centimeter of the stigma, which is red and flat.

The threads have some special features, like that they are :

  • All red
  • Flat
  • Unbroken
  • With no curve
  • With great color and aroma.
sargol saffron | types of saffron


This type is almost the most well known saffron around the world. The whole red parts of the stigmas are separated and dried. Different drying method causes different kinds of Negin saffron. These kinds known as Super Negin, Like Negin, Second grade Negin and Negin. The most famous kind of Negin saffron is undoubted Super Negin.

Negin saffron known as the appearance that you can simply recognize :

  •  It is all red       
  •  About 3 centimeters each tread    
  • No broken threads  
  •  You may see some curved strands
negin saffron | types of saffron
Saffron Negin Type – Grade A
Saffron Negin Type – Grade B

Super Negin

saffron has large and wide stigmas. This type is the most suitable for export, because a machine makes the drying process of saffron and the quality is maintained. Actually, the Super Negin process by high technology and the result is dry, flat and smooth stigmas and the extraordinary beauty they give to saffron.

Be careful that Super Negin stigmas look like :

  • Totally red
  • Long     
  • Soft and smooth        
  • No curved       
  • Unbroken        
  • Great aroma and color
super negin saffron | types of saffron

Dasteh or Bunch

In processing this type saffron the most basic and simple technology used. In this way, after separating the stigmas from the flower, all the strands are connected like a bunch and dried.This type of saffron includes red stigma and white root.

The process of drying saffron has two types, one-sided and two-sided. It means that the red parts are placed on top of each other and dry. In the two-way method, the roots are completely closed in the middle and the red part is placed above and below.According to the processing method, the root dries later than the red part, for this reason the stigma loses part of its aroma and color and its quality is lower than other types.

The shape of Dasteh is known because of :

  • Stigmas are curved   
  • The aroma is less
  • It has red and yellow part   
  • Strands are not smooth
bunch saffron | types of saffron

Pushal Saffron

In the processing of this type, the root part remains with the stigma, which limits the possibility of fraud. The quality of this type is better than Daste or Bunch, and due to the fact that it gives a better color compared to saffron, it is more common.

You can recognize this type of :

  • The threads are separated
  • The strands have 2 colors, red and yellow  
  • Treads are soft and smooth
  • The aroma is the same as better quality
pushal saffron | types of saffron

Saffron Powder

Nowadays, life gets a special speed that everyone wants to use ready things. Ready saffron means its powder. When you want to use this spice in any food or beverages you need to grind it. Saffron Powder is ready to use, so these days this type becomes popular. You should be careful in buying this type more than others, due to the frauds.

You can find the best quality of powder attention to:

  • The color, it should be red-orange
  • The aroma, it may be strong and exactly like high quality saffron
  • It has a bitter taste
  • It needs at least 10 minutes to brew
saffron powder | types of saffron

Konj or Root

This type of saffron is actually the root of stigmas, which is separated in high-quality samples. This type is completely white and has a low price, but due to its extraordinary properties, it is used as a tea and in the making of various masks.

Among the types of saffron, Sargol saffron root is the best example of the root. This type appears :

  • No red color
  • All curved
  • The treads are short
konj or root | types of saffron

Comparison Between All Types of Saffron

We can compare all types of saffron in various issues. For example, Iranian Sargol is the most expensive type of saffron. Super Negin and Negin are the bestselling ones.
There is also other comparison, in which the quality and fineness are checked. The Iranian saffron types, especially Sargol, Super Negin and Negin have the best quality among others.

Where To Buy Best Types of Saffron?

Due to the high price of this spice, there are a lot of frauds. To avoid fraudsters, buy saffron from trusted sellers.
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