saffron price in finland

Key Takeaways :

  • Special Occasion Spice: Unlike some countries, Finland doesn’t use saffron all the time. It’s more like a VIP guest at a party – expensive and saved for special meals or celebrations.
  • Modern Foodie Twist: Some cool Finnish chefs might use saffron to add a unique flavor and pop of color to their dishes. Think Instagram-worthy food!
  • Finnish Spice Substitutes: Since saffron’s a bit rare, Finland probably has substitute spices that replace saffron.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Today, almost all people know what is saffron, experts start to test and explain the properties and benefits of this magic spice. People start to learn and search about it; they try to add this spice to their daily diet. There are some countries that cultivate saffron, but most of the countries import this spice. Even some of the producers have to import saffron. Almost 85 percent of saffron is cultivated in Iran due to its climate and weather. Here, we are going to check saffron in Finland, its price and where to buy it.

Do you know Crocus Sativus?

The botanical name of saffron flower is the Crocus Sativus. What we called saffron is the stigmas that place between the petals of this beautiful purple flower. These stigmas harvested manually and need special processing to be dried and made different types of saffron.

The cultivation of these flowers needs especial conditions, not only the climate and weather, but also the watering and fertilizing. You should search and learn about it, you could test to cultivate it yourself, but it may not grow well, or the growing spice may have not good quality due to these growing conditions.

The types of saffron are different in shape, quality, and price.

Why saffron is so expensive?

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. The price of saffron depends on various factors. These factors could make changes in the price each year and also make a range for the price.


The cultivation conditions of saffron are not simple and by the changes in the weather and rainfalls could make serious changes in the product amount and the final result is increasing the price.

Harvesting and Processing

The harvesting and processing methods are all manual. In addition, you need experienced labor to have the best result. These entire things cost a lot, and cause a higher price.

Quality of saffron

The higher quality, the higher price, this phrase can use for all products. The best quality of saffron belongs to Iran. The high quality saffron should be test in the qualified labs. You can find the high-quality saffron in the Ghaaneh brand saffron.

Type of saffron

The most expensive price of saffron is for the Sargol saffron. Sargol has the first centimeter of the threads of the saffron, all red. This type is not usual in the spice shops due to its highest price and processing method.

You can buy Negin and Super Negin saffron instead of Sargol, these types are all red too, they are 3 centimeters long and only the root parts are cut.

Pushal saffron is another popular type. In this type, you see the whole stigma, red and root part. The threads of this type are smooth, without broken strands. This type is popular, due to its shape, as we mentioned above, this type has the red and root parts together, in other words, the shape of this type is the main shape of the stigmas of the Crocus flower, frauds cannot make fake saffron in this shape.

Daste saffron is like Pushal in shape, but different in processing and quality. In Daste type, threads are gathered like a bunch and dried. In these threads you can find the curve and broken strands.

There is also saffron powder, but if you want to buy this type you should recognize saffron and know the trusted sellers. The Ghaaneh brand saffron uses Negin and Super Negin saffron to make powder.

The price of Saffron in Finland

The price of saffron in retail in Finland is between $8.10 and $17.67  per kilogram and $3.67 to $8.01 per pound. The retail buying has a higher price than the wholesale buying. If you want to buy your spice in bulk, you can find it in Finland in the price of 5.67 to 2.37 dollars  per kilogram and 2.57 to 5.61 dollars per pound.

There is also the price range for retail in Euro for saffron. This price is between 7.49 and 16.32 EUR per kilogram and 3.40 to 7.40 EUR per pound.

Where to buy saffron in Finland?

You can buy this golden spice from online shops or local shops.

Local shops in Finland

There are different local shops in Finland that you can find saffron in them, here we introduce some of these shops.


This is one of the chain stores in Finland. Kauppahalli in Finnish means Market hall, there are three Kauppahallit in Helsinki. You can find all kinds of foodstuff and also saffron, the exotic spice, in these markets.

Sitra and Food

This group promoted new business models in the organic and local food sector. These markets established with the aim of helping new businesses. You can find the golden spice in these markets.


These stores started their work in 2012 in Finland. The Lidl market is one of the chain stores in Finland. Almost all kinds of food and spices could be found in these stores.

Online shops

There are many different online shops that sell saffron. But you should not trust all of them. You should try to recognize the real saffron and avoid the fake ones.

Try to search about the sellers and online shop before buying your saffron. The Ghaaneh saffron brand provides the best quality saffron from the Iranian fields. You can find saffron of this brand in our online shop.


You can find the best quality of saffron with the brand named Ghaaneh. The price of saffron would change every year; it means you should check the price each year. Almost all experts recommended using saffron every day with the medicinal purposes. Do not forget to check the safe amount of saffron usage and prohibited cases.


How can I recognize real saffron?

There are 8 tests to recognize real saffron; you can read our article about these tests.

What is the best recipe with saffron?

Saffron adds awesome color, fragrant aroma, and exotic taste to all recipes, but best and most popular recipes are the saffron tea. To make this tea, you should add ground saffron to boiling water. You can add other additive to your tea based on your taste.

How can I make ground saffron?

You should use mortar or spice grinder to make saffron powder.