saffron in Kuwait

Key Takeaways :

  • Wide Price Range: Saffron prices in Kuwait vary significantly depending on the brand, quality, and quantity you purchase. You can find it for as low as 1 Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) for a small amount, likely of a lesser quality, to upwards of 268 KWD per 100 grams for high-grade saffron.
  • Popular Brands: Some popular saffron brands in Kuwait include Ghaaneh, Taj Mahal, Al Rifai, and Majdi. These brands offer a range of sizes and price points.
  • Where to Buy: Local supermarkets like Lulu Hypermarket and Carrefour Kuwait offer saffron, or you can find it from online retailers in Kuwait.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

If you eat Arabian foods once in your life, you taste the best spices in the world including saffron. Saffron is one of the luxurious spices in the world that has the highest price and is very famous due to its exotic color and fragrant aroma. Here, we are going to explain saffron price in Kuwait and introduce somewhere you can buy saffron from.

The State of Kuwait

Kuwait is a country in West Asia that located in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf. The neighbors of Kuwait are Iraq in the north, Saudi Arabia in the south, and Iran in the maritime borders. In 2023, Kuwait population reported as 4.82 million people, the 1.53 million are Kuwait citizens and others are foreign nationals from more than 100 counties.

Kuwait is an emirate; emir is the head of state and dominates the political system of the country. The official state religion in Kuwait is Islam and its language is Arabic.

Saffron in Kuwait

First saffron flowers were found in Iran. As you know, saffron is the stigmas of the lilac flower called Crocus Sativus, or Crocus flower, or Saffron flower. These flowers were found in Iran and used as the royal spice. After years, Arab traders started to trade saffron with other countries. As we mentioned above, Kuwait and Iran share borders, it is clear that Kuwait was one of the first Arab countries that started using saffron. Today, saffron is one of the main spices in Kuwait.

Saffron in Kuwait cities

Almost all people in Kuwait use saffron as spice and medicine. You can find it in the local shops of the Kuwait cities. There are various recipes in Kuwait that need saffron. You can see the culinary adventures with saffron there. Here we mention two cities of Kuwait and the connection of them with saffron.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City is the capital of the state Kuwait and placed in the heart of the country. You can find saffron in this city really easily. The Kuwait City is the political, cultural, and economic center of the emirate. The Kuwait City trades, export, import, and transportation needs served by Kuwait International Airport, Shuwaik Port, and Ahmadi Port.


Mahboula is the name of Kuwait cities, that means the mad woman. This city district Kuwait on the Persian Gulf. This city is important due to the Kuwait Oil Company that locates in it. Ayyame is one of the Arabian foods that you need saffron to cook it. This food has especial recipes in this city.

The price of saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. This high price is due to many different reasons like agricultural reasons, growing and processing conditions, types of saffron, quality, and amount of buying. Buying saffron in bulk has cheaper prices than the retail buying.

The saffron price in Kuwait

You can find saffron in Kuwait for the price of $1300 per kilogram, and $2 per gram. You can see the price of saffron in Kuwait like 400 KWD per kilogram and 1 KWD per gram.

Where to buy saffron in Kuwait?

You can find saffron in Kuwait easily, you should just need to recognize real saffron and avoid the fake ones. Saffron is a famous spice in Kuwait. There are different ways to buy spices in Arab countries. The most popular ways are buying saffron from online shops or local shops.

Online shops

Today due to the great technology, you can order anything from anywhere in the Internet. You can offer something from the best origin and take it at your door. Saffron trade has been entered into this filed many years ago. You can order Iranian saffron, or Kashmiri saffron from the main origin or from the trusted sellers and suppliers.

The Ghaaneh saffron brand is one of the best Iranian saffron you can find in the markets you can also order this brand from online shops. This brand supplies all types of saffron for consumers.

Local shops

You can buy different types and quality of saffron in Kuwait, you should learn about its type, recognizing them, and know about saffron quality. We name some of the local shops in Kuwait that you can find saffron in them.

Souk Al-Mubarakiya

This is a famous local shop that you can find fresh foodstuffs there. You can find almost all kinds of spice including saffron there too. This market placed at Kuwait City.


The Morouj is the newest lifestyle project carrying on the forth tradition of successful reaction of the Sahara. You can find your spice here, and also you can enjoy shopping and visiting this place.


Saffron is the inseparable part of Arab foods. That means it is not hard to find saffron in Kuwait. Try to learn about recognizing real saffron and find trusted sellers. You should also know about different types of saffron. When you use saffron regularly and add it to your daily diet, you would gain the experiential knowledge about the quality of saffron. Experts recommend adding this golden spice to your daily diet, in order to have a healthier life.


What is the best type of saffron?

The best type of saffron is called Sargol. This type has the highest quality, but due to economical reasons and processing conditions, today you cannot find this type in the markets. Actually, this type does not produce any more. After Sargol, the best saffron type is called the Super Negin. You can find it in different quality. This type of saffron is the most expensive one.

How can I store my saffron if I buy it in bulk?

You should keep your saffron in the airtight container, in a dark, dry, and cold place. The best containers to store saffron are metal or glass ones. The Ghaaneh saffron brand uses these containers for its saffron products.

Can I store my brewed saffron?

Actually no. You can keep your brewed saffron in the fridge for two or three days. Over this time the color and aroma of the brewed spice would change. It is recommended that you brew a pinch of saffron or brew the amount that you use them and do not store brewed saffron.