saffron price in Germany

Key Takeaways :

  • Price range: Online retailers in Germany sell saffron threads at €6.80 per gram for 1 gram and €48.44 for 10 grams.
  • Availability: Saffron can be found in both online shops and offline stores in Germany. Here are some examples of online shops selling saffron in Germany:
    • Ghaaneh Saffron [Saffron price in Germany]
    • Safranexperte [Saffron price Germany]
    • [Saffron Germany amazon]
    • Royal Caviar Shop [Saffron Germany]
  • Import : Germany is a major importer of saffron, and there are few restrictions on importing saffron for personal use.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Saffron as an exotic spice with wonderful aroma and unique taste is famous in all countries. In Asian countries people use it in their food, desserts, and beverages, while in European and developed countries, it is the main raw material in most industries. Germany is one of these countries.

The saffron usages

Saffron has various usages. You may know saffron just as spice, but it is more. Saffron has great effects on health and the body. Due to its unbelievable properties, it has different usages in industries too.

Culinary usages

Saffron known as the golden spice, in some sources it is called the sunshine spice too. This exotic spice has a golden color that can release it to the food, desserts, and beverages. The awesome feature of saffron is its aroma; this aroma is a unique and dreamy one. The taste of saffron is like a well-prepared espresso, a delightful bitterness. These three properties, color, aroma, and taste, are the reason of saffron popularity in cuisines. Most chefs add this magic spice to their recipes as their golden secret.

The first usage of saffron was culinary one, in Asian countries and especially in Iran. As you know from the past, Iran is the largest producer of saffron. Today, Iranian saffron is the best one in the world, and Iran produces almost 85 percent of saffron that is used all around the world. Iranian use saffron as a spice in royal families, this spice is the most expensive spice all around the world. In the past, it was only used in royal families other people cannot buy it.

Industrial usage

Saffron is used in many different industries due to its color, aroma, and taste. Cosmetic industries use saffron because of its color and aroma. Various lipstick, nail polish, and other makeup colors. They also produce many different face and hair masks and shampoos from saffron. Saffron is an herbal and natural material that means all consumers use the saffron productions truthfully. The saffron cosmetic materials are harmless and natural.

There are other industries like food and perfume that use saffron as their raw material too.

Medicinal usage

Traditional medicine has been prescribed saffron to cure many diseases. Herbal medicines insist on the health benefit of saffron and try to use it as a drug. This insistence makes the expert curious about saffron and its properties and this curiosity makes them start testing its features.

The results of all tests are positive, that means saffron has awesome health benefits and could be the treatment for most diseases. Some of saffron properties are not tested yet, or they tested in animal models. Experts believe that they cannot generalize reasons on animal models to humans the results may be different.

Today, after all tests and experiments on saffron, pharmaceutical industries use saffron to make different kinds of medication like capsules, tablets, and extracts.

The saffron price

Saffron is known as the red gold due to its color and its high price. Saffron also, known as the most expensive spice in the world. The high price of saffron cause the people asks why it is so expensive? And is it more than a spice?

Saffron is really more than a spice. It has magnificent health properties and its features made it an important raw material. But these are not the only reasons for its high price.

Types of saffron

There are many different types of saffron, these types have different shape, quality, and price. The Sargol and Super Negin saffron are called all red; these two types of saffron have the highest price. There are other types of saffron with cheaper price and even more popular like Pushal. Pushal is more popular due to its shape. Pushal saffron has the red and root part, this is the exact shape of the stigmas of the Crocus flower. Frauds cannot make fake saffron like Pushal.

Quality of saffron

Like all products, the highest quality is the most expensive. You can find a range for the saffron price; the top of this range belongs to the highest quality. The high-quality saffron is from Iran saffron fields. The Iranian saffron is famous due to its high quality.

Growing conditions and processing

The growing conditions of saffron are especial and if one of them is not ready the whole product and its quality are affected.

The harvesting and processing of saffron should be manual and cause lots of costs. These steps need professional labors, and producers cannot hire anyone.

The price of saffron in Germany

Due to agricultural reasons, saffron has not an exact price. The price of saffron for retail buying is between $1,153.92 and $2,692.48 per kilogram and 523.32 to 1,221.08 $ per pound. In other words, the retail price of saffron is between 1,066.15 and 2,487.69 EUR per kilogram and 483.52 to 1,128.21 EUR per pound.

If you know how to store saffron, it is recommended to buy it in bulk, saffron has a great shelf life in correct storing conditions, and the wholesale price is cheaper. You can buy saffron in bulk for $807.74 to $1,884.74  per kilogram and $366.32 and $854.76 per pound.

Where to buy saffron in Germany?

Today, you can buy anything in local shops and online shops, thanks to technology. We are going to introduce some of these shops.

Local shops

There are many different shops that you can find saffron in them. Here are some of them.


The Viktualienmarket is the largest and most famous outdoor market. You can find all kinds of foodstuff in this market. You would find all types of saffron with different quality and price in this market.

Kaufhaus des Wetens (KaDeWe)

This store is one of the largest stores in the world. This store sells everything; you can find great offers in this store too.


You can find almost all kinds of foodstuffs in this market. You can buy fresh products and even ready meals here.

Online shops

You would find various brands and online shops that supply all kinds of saffron. The Ghaaneh saffron brand produces all saffron types with the best quality. The Ghaaneh brand supplies Iranian saffron. You can trust this brand and buy your saffron online.

When you want to buy saffron you should know about recognizing real saffron and its quality, you need to recognize and avoid fake saffron. There are 8 simple ways to recognize saffron. These ways depend on the shape and features of saffron.


Today, not only the chefs, but also doctors recommend using saffron in your daily diet. If you know about storing saffron, it is cheaper to buy saffron in bulk. You can find this golden spice all around the world in local shops or online shops, but it is recommended to buy this expensive spice from trusted sellers, there are lots of fraud in this trading.


Which type of saffron is better to use?

It is better to use high quality saffron. Today, you cannot find Sargol saffron in the shops, due to economical reasons. It is recommended to buy Super Negin, Negin, or Pushal. These three types are better than the others. Some people prefer to buy Powder or grounded saffron, if you prefer it too, try to buy this type of saffron from trusted sellers.

Which type of saffron drugs is better to use?

If you want to use saffron as a medication, it is better to use saffron water or saffron tea. If you believe in drugs shape more than natural shape of herbal medicine, use one of saffron drugs shape after you consult your doctor.

Can I make the saffron face mask myself?

Yes you can, but you should first know about your skin type. Saffron has many health properties and could affect your skin, if you use it in the right way. You can make saffron face masks in combination with other natural material, but you need to know your skin type, and make the proper masks for yourself.