saffron price in china

Key Takeaways :

  • Historical Presence: Believe it or not, there’s evidence of saffron use in ancient China dating back to 300 BC, used for both medicinal purposes and as a fabric dye.
  • Limited Cultivation: However, China isn’t a major producer of saffron today. The climate isn’t ideal for large-scale cultivation.
  • Modern Revival Attempts: There are some interesting efforts to reintroduce saffron cultivation in China, capitalizing on its historical significance and potential economic benefits.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Ancient Chinese use saffron as the treatment for most diseases. Today, traditional medicine and scientists prescribe using saffron everyday as one of the most beneficial herbs in China. Saffron is one of the famous foodstuffs in this country.

Saffron and China people

Saffron is known as the most expensive spice all around the world. In China, people know saffron as a medication, a great and effective one. In other word, saffron is used in culinary, industrial, and medicinal purposes all around the world, while in China it is just a medication. Chinese use saffron in their beverages.

Traditional medicines of china are very famous and still work as an effective science. Nowadays, the traditional medicines of china are accepted as a medical science in the world. From the past the traditional doctors of this science recommend people to drink saffron water every day. They believe that the saffron has not only the therapeutic effects, but also could improve health. They prescribed using saffron for everyone, except the limited cases, not just for patients.

Today, almost all Chinese use saffron. They may use water before bed, or they may use it in other beverages like wine or tea.

The price of saffron in China

According to the above information, the demand for saffron is high in China. China should import saffron due to high demand in this country. In addition, there are other factors that affect saffron price.


We mentioned that saffron has high demand in China. When a product has high demand, its price will increase. That means the higher demand, the higher price.


The quality of saffron affects its price. The finest quality of saffron belongs to Iranian saffron. When you want to use this golden spice as a medicine you should try to use the high-quality saffron to have the best result. The best quality has the highest price. You can find the finest quality of Iranian saffron in the Ghaaneh saffron brand name.


Saffron has different types. The types of saffron are different in shape, quality, and price. Sargol, Super Negin, Negin, and Pushal are the bet types. These types of saffron have saffron threads. Sargol, Super Negin, and Negin have the red part of the thread of this magic spice, while the Pushal has the red and yellow part. People prefer to buy Pushal saffron because of the yellow part. This part does not let the frauds to cell fake saffron in this type.

The cheapest type is powder or ground saffron. The use of this type is really easy, that mean it is ready to use. However saffron powder is ready to use, it is not popular. People prefer to make their ground saffron themselves, due to frauds. Frauds could sell any other colored foodstuffs powder instead of this saffron products. The Ghaaneh saffron brand uses the Negin and Super Negin saffron to make this product.

The growing conditions

The growing conditions of this flower are special. The growing conditions could change each year and the amounts of saffron production would be different. According to these points, when in the year all the growing conditions are observed the amounts saffron productions are good and the price would not grow higher, the opposite of this is true, it means when the all growing conditions are not supported, the saffron production would be less and the price of saffron will increase.

Buying amount

The price of saffron for wholesale and retail is different. The wholesale price is cheaper than the retail.

Saffron price in 2024 in China

The price of saffron in China in this year has a great increase due to the agricultural situation. The saffron price in China for wholesale buying is about $16.08 to $24.36  per kilo and $7.29 to $11.05  per pound, and 5 to 8 dollars per gram.

Where to buy saffron in China?

You can find saffron almost in Local shops in China. You should better know about saffron, its types, and quality, to buy safely. When you can recognize the real saffron, avoiding fake saffron is simple.

You can buy saffron from local shops in China. You can also buy your medicinal saffron from online shops. You can find Ghaaneh saffron brand in both shops, and buy the Iranian saffron with the high quality.

RT-Mart and Auchan

Auchan is a French chain market and in China it is joined by RT-Mart and makes new chain supermarkets. You can find almost all kinds of foodstuffs and spices in this market. Saffron is a drug in China not just a spice, but you cannot find it in pharmacies, you should look after the red gold in these kinds of markets and hypermarkets.


Yonghui is a supermarket in China that started its work from 2017. This market became famous due to great discount offers that it has. You can find saffron here and you would buy it with discount in offer times.

CR Mart and CR Suguo

One of the most popular marts in China is CR Mart and CR Suguo. It established by the CR Vanguard supermarket brand. You can find anything you want there.

Wumart and Metro

A great supermarket with discount offers in the metro stations. This market place in some metro station and you can find them with their logo at the entrance of the stations. People like these markets due to its place; they can go there easily. You can find saffron there and check its quality and reality if you know about it.


There are lots of frauds in the saffron trading, it is better to know about this plant and recognize the real form and quality of it. Try to buy saffron from trusted sellers and suppliers. Using saffron in China is common, that means you can find all types of saffron in different quality in the online and local shops of China. The price is different; you should check the properties and quality of saffron before ordering or buying.


How can I trust saffron sellers?

You should check the ideas of their costumers. Do they have old and permanent costumers? Also you should ask them about their licenses and products, they would show everyone their standers and licenses if they have.

Is the saffron using in beverages different from the saffron we add to food and desserts?

No. It is not different. You can buy the saffron with less quality and use it in food and desserts. While the beverages using saffron should have high quality. If you use the bad or middle quality of saffron to make beverages, the differences and properties are clear.

Who buys saffron in bulk?

The amount more than 200 grams are in bulk for saffron. You may buy this amount to use in a year. There are also shops, local shops, industries, restaurant, and suppliers who buy saffron in bulk. You should check your usage amount then buy your saffron. If you know how to store it and you use this amount, buying in bulk is better, because it is cheaper.

Does the time of harvesting affect the price of saffron?

Yes. It is called old saffron or fresh saffron. Usually, the old saffron is cheaper than the fresh one. In these two kinds of saffron, the color and aroma are different, and all other properties are almost similar. Old saffron has stronger aroma and poorer color; the fresh one has powerful color and normal aroma.