saffron price in ksa

Saffron price in KSA + Zafran price in Saudi Arabia

Arabs country and especially Saudi Arabia are famous for the spices that they use in their food and dishes. Saffron is one of the spices, that has high consumption in Saudi Arabia. You can buy saffron online or from local shops all over the Saudi Arabia. Here are some suggestions for buying saffron and a brief discussion about the price of saffron in Saudi Arabia.

Saffron in KSA

Saudi Arabia imports saffron from different countries. You can find Iranian saffron in shops and also you may see Spanish saffron. The price of Iranian and Spanish and other saffron is different. In addition, due to the types of saffron you see the various prices.

Arabs countries have a culinary use of saffron and also use this expensive spice in their traditional medicine due to its health benefits.

The demands for saffron in KSA and other Arab countries have a high level. Saffron found its place in the Arabs daily life.

You can find different types and qualities of saffron in shops. You can also order your saffron from online shops from Saudi Arabia.

The saffron price in KSA

Saffron has the highest price as a spice. The price of saffron is not fixed. Saffron is an agricultural product and affected by different factors. These factors are changed every year. Each year due to the conditions of cultivation and costing factors the price of saffron change.

The price of this golden spice depends on its type and quality. The most expensive saffron today is Iranian Super Negin saffron.

The saffron price per kilo

The wholesale buying is more profitable because the price of saffron per kilo is cheaper than saffron price per gram. This year, you can buy saffron in bulk in KSA with the price of $1550-$1750 per kilo. This range shows the different factors, types and quality.

The red gold price per grams

Many Arab people want to buy saffron for their daily use. They would not buy saffron in bulk and they look for the best price per grams. Today, each gram of saffron has the price between $3 to $7 in KSA, due to its type and quality.

When you buy saffron in retail, the packaging is important and would affect the price, luxurious packages are more expensive than simple ones.


You can buy your saffron in different prices in KSA. Be careful, if you want to buy high quality of this sunshine spice you should pay more. You can buy your saffron from the Ghaaneh brand. The saffron of the Ghaaneh brand comes from the saffron fields in Iran. There are boxes of gift saffron and different types of saffron threads and powder in this brand. You can buy saffron in bulk or retail from the Ghaaneh brand.


How can I sure about the quality of saffron?

You should learn some tricks to recognize real and fake saffron. There are also ways to check the quality of this magic spice. You should know the types and their features.

Where can I buy saffron online?

Today, there are lots of online shops for saffron, but if you want to buy your magic spice from an online shop do not forget to buy it from trusted ones and check the ideas of other consumers. You can buy the best quality of Iranian saffron from us, the Ghaaneh brand.

What if I cannot buy Negin and Super Negin saffron?

You can buy Pushal saffron. It has a fine quality. You can also buy saffron powder. The Ghaaneh brand saffron powder is cheaper than other types, but it makes from the Negin and Super Negin saffron.

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