saffron stigma types

Key Takeaways :

  • Tiny Treasure: Crocus sativus bulbs, the source of saffron, are small wonders, measuring only 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter. They’re round or oval-shaped and have a protective brown, papery outer shell.
  • Fall Flowers: Unlike many spring-blooming crocuses, Crocus sativus puts on a show in the fall. Look for its characteristic lilac or mauve flowers with darker purple veins.
  • Key to Culinary Gold: The real magic lies within the flower. The orange-red throat holds the precious saffron threads, the delicate red stigmas responsible for the world’s most expensive spice.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

Saffron as the most expensive spice with uncountable health benefits has various types. These types have different qualities and prices; there are other differences too. We are going to introduce four of the most popular types of saffron here.

The saffron as a plant

Saffron is some stigmas between flower petals that called the Crocus Sativus. This flower is a beautiful purple flower that also named as the saffron crocus or saffron flower.

These stigmas are 4-5 centimeters long and have two parts called saffron and root. The process of these two parts makes different types of saffron. The growing conditions make different quality in a type, for example the fields in the north west of Iran have the best climate for growing saffron all around the world. As you know, the Iranian saffron has the highest quality in the world. The Ghaaneh saffron brand uses the best Iranian saffron to make its packages. You can find all types of saffron with high quality in Ghaaneh factory.

The four popular saffron types

Saffron has almost 8 different types. There are differences in the processing method, growing conditions and features.

Sargol saffron

The best and finest quality belongs to this type. The Sargol is the first centimeter of the red stigmas of saffron flower. These strands are crimson in color and will release their golden yellow color to the boiling water when you add a pinch of them. In processing, the first part of the stigmas cut to make this type. Due to these things Sargol saffron is not profitable for the farmers and suppliers. That is why today you cannot find this type in the markets. The other part of saffron should be ground and make powder; powder is very cheaper than the other thread types.

Super Negin saffron

Negin saffron is the main type for the Super Negin and some other types of saffron. When during the process, the red parts of the stigmas separated and dried, they called Negin saffron. The smooth dry saffron strands separated and make the Super Negin saffron. It means that the saffron threads in Super Negin types are smooth without curl or break, long and totally red.

Pushal saffron

When the stigmas dried without any cut, the Pushal saffron made. That means you can see the red part and the root part in one thread of saffron in this type. People like this type because frauds cannot make the fake saffron like this. They cannot color some strand like Pushal saffron.

As we mentioned Pushal saffron has the root part too, that is the reason that this type has the longest threads. Most people buy this type of the aromatic saffron and could be sure that they buy real one. Ghaaneh brand makes the best quality of saffron in this type.

Saffron Powder

Most sources recommend using saffron powder or making ground saffron and using a pinch of it in a cup of boiling water to make saffron tea or make it ready to use as the culinary spice in your recipes.

The problem that all saffron users have about this type is frauds. They can make any powder and color it like saffron and deceive us. It is better to buy saffron powder from trusted sellers. Ghaaneh brand uses the Negin saffron to make saffron powder. That is why the saffron powder of the Ghaaneh brand has the finest quality and you can buy and use them. If you want to check the quality of our saffron, you should add a pinch of saffron to boil or cold water or even warm milk and wait for 8-10 minutes to see the golden color of this beautiful spice.


You should choose the best type for yourself. Many people use Sargol and Super Negin saffron due to the quality of these types. Some people only buy saffron powder because of time; they do not have time to grind their spice. They just need to be sure that the powder they would buy is made from Negin and Super Negin saffron. Pushal saffron has its own fan due to its infallibility.


Is there any difference in the properties of the types of the golden spice?

No, the properties differ due to the quality. Of course the best quality has the best properties.

What is the difference between Negin and Super Negin saffron?

In Negin threads you may see curled or broken threads, but in Super Negin all the threads are smooth and has almost 3 centimeters long.

Is using the root of saffron with the red part profitable?

The root part has all the properties of saffron, it is different in color and the aroma of this part is less. The root part is orange and cannot resale any color.