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The Story Behind

Discover the story behind Queen of Flowers® and how it has become a leading name in the Food industry.

ghaaneh saffron brand

Our Company at a Glance

Queen Of Flowers has been established to provide different types of saffron such as Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Pushal, bouquet, Orfi, Powder Saffron under the Ghaaneh brand.

Premium Quality Saffron

Hand picked

Carefully hand-picked from the flowers to ensure that they are not damaged in the process.


The saffron threads are dried by being laid down in the sun for the best dehydrating results.


Fully sealed packaging with eye-catching design, for overall best experience.

crimson galaxy super negin saffron 2 gr ghaaneh
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Queen of Flowers is motivated by the desire to serve the customers who perform miracles in cooking by using the best spices. The main objective we are trying to fulfill has always been to provide premium quality saffron. Our product is directly yielded from Central and Southern Khoraassaan (two Provinces located in the northern part of Iran) and processed in the Ghaaneh factory. The factory passed the various lab tests and met the standards needed to get different ISO certificates, showing that the saffron provided by Ghaaneh is 100% natural and free of any preservatives.

Queen of Flowers’s staff is always trying to get buyers to have access to Ghaaneh saffron as soon as possible. Along with constant consulting with spice experts and chefs, we are eagerly ready to receive feedback from our customers, as we believe that sustainable development in our career is the outcome of sharing our tastes and exchanging our opinions.

CEO: Vahid Epagloo

Vahid Epegloo started his journey into food product trading when he was 19. Along with his business career, he did his M.A in finance.

After ten years, he established his first company, Noavarn Sabah Giti. His background as a person raised in a farming family led him to focus on saffron trading by establishing Queen of Flowers.


Ms. Amiri

Salesperson (China)

Mr. Askari

Salesperson (Middle East)
I thoroughly enjoy Queen of Flowers Saffron. It is quite versatile and adds a unique dimension of flavor to any dish, brown rice, lentils, quinoa, salads and dal. Top-notch!
Fast shipment! Above and beyond customer service. The product is high quality especially when you follow the storage and blooming instructions. We use it for culinary and medicinal purposes. This is family owned and operated, and the owners take great in bringing value to their customer
I started using Queen of Flowers Saffron some years ago for two reasons. 1. I could buy larger quantities than at local stores so the price was fairer, and, 2) I was concerned what I was buying, locally and on-line, was adulterated. I've been pleased with what I have received.


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