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Saffron Packaging: Best Saffron Container

Do you know how to store saffron? You may hear that saffron packaging could affect its properties and benefits. If this spice has a well packaging, its shelf life would increase. Do you know which package is the best? Here we are going to introduce different types of saffron packaging, and then check the features of them and help you to choose the best packaging of saffron.

Why saffron packages are important?

Saffron is a unique spice that needs especial conditions to store. If these conditions not observed the properties and quality of saffron would be affected. There are many different types of packaging for this spice. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world due to its especial properties and growing conditions. When the packaging could affect your expensive spice, it is important.

There are different types of packaging; here are some of the most common types.

Plastic packaging

In these types of saffron packaging, the golden spice has a plastic bag or container. Of course, the container is better than the plastic bag. Plastic bags are the cheapest and worst packaging type.

The plastic containers should be airtight. You should keep them in dark, cold and dry place.

Metal packaging

Metal containers are another kinds of packaging for saffron. These types have the big containers for the wholesale and kilograms amount. There are also plastic bags for in bulk buying, but metal containers are better and could save saffron properties.

There are also metal containers for fewer amounts like grams. These kinds of containers are well due to their properties, like being airtight, waterproof, and anti light.

Glass packaging

Glass containers are one of the most popular packaging of saffron. These containers are beautiful, and designers can design different models. Actually, glass packaging is a glass container in a box. The container is important because the spice is in it.

Glass containers could store saffron; you should keep them in a dark place. These packages are popular and lovable due to their beautiful shape and wonderful storing conditions.

Paper packaging

One of the cheapest packaging is paper one. These are not famous or usual, but due to the cost, some producers use them.

The best packages

The red gold should store in the dark, cold, and dry places. In other words, light, humidity and high temperature affect saffron quality. The golden spice does not expire, but its quality reduces in undesirable conditions.

According to these points, the best packaging should be anti light, airtight and safe for this magic spice.

Experts say that the best packages should have metal or glass containers. These kinds of containers are great to store saffron in. If you buy your saffron in any other packages it is better to change the container to a glass or metal one, and then store your sunshine spine.

The Ghaaneh saffron brand packages

The Ghaaneh saffron brand tries to produce the best saffron quality for the consumers. The Ghaaneh brand has different types of packaging to respond to all tastes. This brand uses the best Iranian saffron in its packages.

You can see the licenses and standard of all the Ghaaneh brand packs on our website.

Metal containers

There are two kinds of metal containers in Ghaaneh brand productions. The first groups are wholesale metal packaging. If you want to buy saffron in bulk, you can order in different amounts in different metal containers. There are safe, anti light, and airtight containers.

The second groups of these containers have three different grams, and you can order your valuable spice in three different amounts. These containers are great to store saffron. You can keep your saffron in these packages with the shelf life more than six months.

Glass containers

There are various types of glass containers with the Ghaaneh brand that you can choose them. The best designers try to design various containers that have different capacities and cover all storing needed conditions.

People love these containers not only because of their great design, but also due to reusability of them. You can use a glass container for many years as a saffron container or any other spice container.

Economic packages

As you know, saffron has the highest price as a spice. On the other hand, packaging could cost a lot. When the issue is spice packaging, there are many different conditions that should be observed, these conditions would add to the costs. The Ghaaneh brand tries to reduce the packaging costs by producing the economic packages.

You can find different amounts of saffron in these packages. The golden spice packed in the highest quality plastic containers. Our designers try to design the pretty plastic containers for these packages. You can buy these economic packs and change the container.

There are different types of saffron in these packs, Super Negin, Negin, and Pushal you can choose. There are also economic packs of saffron powder in the Ghaaneh brand products. You can buy this grounded saffron safely, The Ghaaneh brand uses Negin and Super Negin saffron to make these powders.

Gift boxes

Gift boxes of the Ghaaneh brand are unique saffron packages that you can buy for yourself, as a gift or souvenir. You can find different types of packages in these gift boxes. Most of them have a little teapot to brew saffron or especial spice grinder or mortar to make ground saffron for you. We try to introduce Iranian culture in using their red gold, Iranian saffron.

The container of these boxes is metal or glass. You can find different amounts of saffron in our gift boxes that means you can buy these luxury gift boxes with your desired budget. If you want to introduce saffron to someone, you can buy small boxes with half or one grams of the sunshine spice.

All the containers of these gift boxes have the best quality of Iranian saffron. There are Super Negin and Pushal saffron in these boxes.

We are environment lovers, that is the reason we choose all the raw materials of these products from the recyclable materials. If you want to stop using any part of these boxes, do not worry; they would not harm our nature.


The spice and foodstuff packaging is very important. There are standards and lows about this issue that is called food safety. These laws and standards force producers to use the best packs for their spice and foodstuff packages. You should know about the importance of packaging and the needed conditions, then you can choose and buy the best packs.


Can I store brewed saffron in the glass and metal containers?

The shelf life of brewed saffron is 2-5 days and you have to keep it in the fridge. These containers could store your dry saffron for more than 6 months in the right place. You should keep them in the dark, cold, and dry place. It is better to use the brew saffron in a day you brew it.

Should I store the saffron in a fridge?

No, you can keep your saffron in a closet or cabinet in an airtight container. If you make saffron water or saffron oil, you should keep in the fridge.

Can I find the gift box that just has saffron?

Yes, of course. There are various gift boxes and the contents in them are different. You can find a box with just one saffron container, or two saffron containers like twin. You can also find boxes with a teapot, a mortar or both of them. The materials of the boxes are different too, that make various prices, it means that you have various choices.


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