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saffron gift set

saffron gift set - ghaaneh

We made gift boxes for you and your beloved ones.

Ghaaneh Saffron Gift Boxes have more than spice, in most of them you can see ancient spice grinder or mortar, in Iran it is called Havang; there are also special small teapots. These teapots are used to brew the spice in Iran. Some of these teapots are made of glass and have the picture of the beautiful lilac Crocus flower. Some others have the picture of Qajar kings, a welcoming to the royal Iranian family. In some boxes, our smart designers put golden or silver metal teapots, we try to respond all tastes.

Imagine that you are given one of these gift boxes to your friend or family with all ancient instruments that used for making the golden spice ready.

The gift boxes have different amount of saffron that means you can choose the gift with desired amount.

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    The best saffron container

    The containers of these boxes are the best for storing the most expensive spice of the world. There are glass airtight containers. You can keep them in the boxes for more than 6 months. Do not worry about the appearance of the gift boxes, the best designers work on them. Some of the gift boxes have the metal airtight containers. These kinds of containers are other recommended containers for storing sunshine spice.

    Saffron is the most expensive spice all around the world; this spice is famous as the red gold. Ghaaneh brand has the best quality; it is from Iran, the natural persian spice. You can give this awesome kind of gold to anyone you want, what a different, valuable and dreamy gift.

    You can introduce this spice to your friends and family by these boxes, you can also introduce them the especial culture of using this spice. Grinding and brewing, the needed instruments are ready in your gift box.

    My choices

    There are different types of boxes, velvet, wooden, and artificial leather boxes. You can also choose your desired color of the box.

    Ghaaneh brand supply and sell the spice from the saffron fields of Iran. These saffron threads are handmade pieces of the excellent quality.

    Special Present, for a Special Someone!

    If you want to glow, give a different gift like saffron, it is unique and different. Most people do not use it due to its price and problems of finding the best quality. Queen of Flowers will introduce you the Ghaaneh saffron brand as the high quality of Iranian saffron, with the great price. The saffron in the gift boxes is Negin and Super Negin as you know the highest quality of saffron is named as these two.

    Do not hesitate; choose yours and be different.

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