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Meat and Veggies Stew: Saffron Infused

In the past, people ate everything they find. They needed to eat to stay alive so they eat everything. Today people can choose what to eat. They can even choose their diet. They can add especial foodstuff to their diet or remove, people can find substitutes for the undesired foodstuff. Actually, technology changes our diet too. We are going to discuss the meat and veggie stew with you.

What is stew?

The food that is called stew is a dish of meat, vegetables, or both of them that should be cooked slowly in liquid. In another definition, stew is the combination of solid food ingredients that cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.

There are two types of stew, meat and veggies. It is clear that in the meat stew we should use meat, and we can use any kinds of meat we want, like beef, pork, venison, rabbit, lamp, poultry, sausages, chicken, and seafood. Usually, there are vegetables in the meat stew.

The other types of stew that became more popular these days, is veggie stew. In the veggie stew all kinds of meat are prohibited, but all kinds of vegetables and even fruits could be used freely.

Who eats meat and veggie stew?

Ancient people eat all kinds of food, but today people choose to eat which kinds of food. Almost all people use to eat meat stew, while there are some people who want to or vegetarian or vegan. There are also some cases that should not eat meat due to their problems and disorders.

Experts list the necessary substances that are needed for the human body. If a person wants to stop using meat or start to be a vegan or vegetarian then he\ she should change the diet. The new diet should have all necessary substances including vitamins, proteins, minerals and all human body needs. It is recommended to consult an expert for changing your diet and do not add or remove foodstuff or substances permanently without consultation or prescription of a doctor.

The meat substitutes and veggie stew supplements

You should find some substitutes for meat; in other words, you should replace meat with some veggie or vegetable. There are various substitutes that you can use. You should also learn to cook veggie stew. Try to find different stew recipes and use the veggie ones and change the meat ones to find your favorite recipes.


You can add mushroom to these veggie stew instead of meat. The mushrooms in the stew look like meat and have the nutritional value like meat.

Beans and grains

You should use green beans, corn, wheat, and barley. You should add beans due to high levels of protein in them.

There are many recipes for the veggie dish that use green beans. You can even boil the green beans and season with salt and black pepper then serve it as a delicious appetizer.

Flavoring additives

There are many different additives to flavor the dishes. Whether you want to use veggie or meat stew or any other kinds of dishes you need to use these additives. They may add color and aroma to your dish too. Here are the most famous flavoring additives.

Tomato paste and tomato sauce

These red pastes or sauces could change the color and flavor of your dish. When you are vegan or vegetarian or you want to cook for a vegetarian or vegan person, using tomato in one of these shapes in your food and stew would bring you all tomato benefits and help your body to be healthier.

Sour cream

You can use it as a tasty sauce in some dishes.

Fresh rosemary

Rosemary is a great plant with the effective aroma that can change the taste and smell of your food. This well-known plant also has great health benefits that would help your body.


One of the best flavorings is the golden spice. You can change the aroma, color and taste of your dishes by adding saffron to your recipes. This spice has many awesome health benefits that would help your body be healthier. Saffron could be the substitutes in veggie stew and the supplements in the meat stews. Using this unique spice will add extra flavour to your dishes.

Cloves garlic

Fresh garlic has many great benefits for the human body and could remove bad smell from most of the food. It is a great flavoring too.

Fresh parsley

Using parsley in food and beverages is common due to its great health effect and aroma; you can add it to all your recipes.

Fresh thyme

Thyme sprig has a wonderful effect as an herb and spice. It has a great soft aroma and could bring your body health advantages.

Other spices

You can also use seasoned salt, black pepper, or any other desired spice mixture to your favorite recipes.

Summer corns

You need to use all kinds of onion for cooking dishes; usually cookers and chefs use yellow onion to cook stew.

Potatoes are very popular in the veggie dishes especially the sweet potatoes.

The celery stalks are reached in iron and vitamin B. Removing meat and especially the red meat from your diet soon will cause lack of iron and vitamin B in your body, using stalks celery is very effective to compensate this problem.


Being vegan or vegetarian means that you have the restrictive diet. You cannot eat everything but you have to eat necessary things that are needed for your body. It is different from eating hearty vegetables and like it, the only eating choice that you have is vegetables. You need to be calm and patient, you should be a slow cooker and make yourself the best veggie stew. It is better to find famous stew recipes like beef stew recipe and change it for yourself, you should find your own secret ingredients. My secret ingredient is saffron, it can change all your taste experience whether vegan, vegetarian or any others.


How much time is need for cooking a veggie stew?

Cooking veggie stew is faster than meat stew because meat needs more time to cook. The exact time depends on the stew and ingredients but, almost 45-60 minutes is needed.

Are the liquid ingredients the secret ingredients of chefs?

Yes, they could be. Chefs may use juices or other kinds of liquid ingredients to make wonderful and different flavor.

Is saffron a great substitute for meat and prohibited foodstuffs for veggie diet?

Saffron has many health benefits due to its components; it could be an awesome supplement for veggie diet.


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