saffron price in Belgium

Key Takeaways :

  • Rare Spice: Saffron is a rare and expensive spice in Belgium, mostly imported and used for special occasions or by high-end chefs.
  • Local Twist: There’s a single farm in Belgium, “Le Safran de Cotchia” dedicated to saffron cultivation. While not a major producer, it highlights a small-scale, local effort to bring saffron production to Belgium.
  • Price: Due to its import dependence, saffron can be quite expensive in Belgium.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Do you know saffron? Did you use it before? Saffron known as the red gold, and it is famous as the most expensive spice all around the world. However it is not just a spice, it is more. The magical spice is used in various industries and also it could use as the medicinal purposes. This spice is grown in especial conditions and you cannot cultivate it anywhere, hence its price should be unfixed. Here we discuss about saffron price in Belgium and where you can buy it.

What is the golden spice?

Saffron has a yellow color and in many sources it is called as the golden spice or yellow saffron. The golden spice is the stigmas of the lilac flower with a botanical name of Crocus Sativus, people call this flower, saffron flower or the saffron crocus flower.

These stigmas separated from the flower and processed to make the golden spice.

Why saffron is the most expensive spice?

The price of saffron depends on many different factors. This is a natural product and various factors could affect it and its production.


Saffron needs especial conditions to grow. On the same farm, you cannot find the same quality of saffron due to these exact conditions. You can find and choose the best soil and watering method, while the weather and sun is not in your hand and you cannot choose or change them. For example, you may grow saffron in a filed this year with great quality, but next year the weather will change and due to the sudden coldness you lost your products.

The cultivation conditions are different each year and could change the price of agricultural products. In 2024, the cultivation conditions of saffron are not good and the sudden changes in the weather cause harm to the saffron farms. In other words, cultivation conditions in this year cause an increase in the price.


The harvesting and processing of saffron are manual. You also cannot hire a normal labor, the saffron labor should learn about how to harvest the flowers. These labors are not cheap; they must be fast and educated. The other point is that even with these experienced labors the harvesting could affect on the products.

After harvesting, the processing steps start and you need experienced labor in this part too. The processing steps are expensive too, and the producers need to be very careful about the products and its quality.

Type of saffron

Saffron has different types based on the shape of saffron threads. Did you see saffron threads or the picture of them? The threads of saffron are 4-5 centimeters long and have two parts; the popular red one and the root part with orange or yellow color. You can see the whole threads in two types of saffron Pushal and Daste. In Pushal saffron, all strands are dried smooth without any curve or break. In Daste the strand gathered as a bunch and dried. Pushal has higher quality and of course higher price.

When in the processing method, only the red part separated and dried, the Negin saffron is made. The best type of Negin is called Super Negin that you cannot find curved, broken, or burned threads in its strands.

The type of saffron with the highest price is Sargol. In the Sargol processing only the first centimeter of the red part separated and dried. You cannot find this type easily, these days, due to its price; producers do not process their saffron as Sargol.

The other types of saffron are called as Konj that has only the root part and cannot release great color. This type is the cheapest one. There is another type that becomes popular these days, due to simple usage and that is the saffron powder. The ground saffron or powder is ready to use, but if you have other types you need to grind your spice first.

You can find all types of saffron with high quality in Ghaaneh brand.

Quality of saffron

People cannot recognize the quality of saffron by themselves. To illustrate the saffron quality the equipped labs needed. They need to test the amount of saffron components, and then the quality and class of the sunshine spice are proven. That is clear that the higher quality, higher price.


The saffron with the best quality grows in Iran. That means Persian saffron is the best one. You can find saffron from other origin and most of them have acceptable and even good quality, but if you are looking for the best one you should buy Iranian saffron. The Ghaaneh saffron brand uses Iranian saffron to provide the best products for you.

The saffron price in Belgium

You can buy saffron in bulk or retail; it depends on you and your usage. The industries, restaurants, medicinal proposes need to buy saffron in bulk. There are also some people who prefer to buy saffron in bulk to use it in a year. If you want to do this, it is recommended to learn about saffron storing method. In 2024, in Belgium you can buy saffron with the price of 2400 to 2600 euros per kilos.

If you want to buy saffron in grams for your daily use, you can buy it with the price of 9 to 11 euros per gram.

Where to buy saffron in Belgium?

You can buy saffron from shops and online shops. To buy good quality saffron and avoid fake saffron it is better to learn about recognizing method and then buy your spice.

Local shops

You can find saffron in local shops in Belgium. People use it in their daily life and finding saffron is not hard, maybe, finding high quality is a bit hard.

Carrefour Market

This market is a French chain market and it is one of the biggest chains in Belgium. It has more than 400 supermarkets in this country. You can find almost all foodstuffs in this market.

Delhaize or AD Delhaize

This is the largest Belgian chain that established almost 350 branches in Belgium. This market also operates the Food Lion Stores in the US. You can buy your sunshine spice from this market.


It is one of the most affordable Belgian markets that has more than 200 stores in this country. This store has lots of in-store offers for you. You can find saffron in this store and buy your golden spice.

Online shops

You can order your spice from online shops and receive it at your door. Be careful about frauds and their fake saffron. You should check the online sellers licenses and standers. You can buy your saffron from Ghaaneh brand that has the finest quality of saffron.


Experts prescribe adding saffron to your daily diet. If you do not use it yet, test it, you can be sure after first use you cannot remove it from your diet. Before buying saffron, search and learn about recognizing real saffron and its quality. Try to buy your saffron from trusted sellers and markets.


What are the differences in using different types of saffron to make saffron tea?

You can feel differences in color, taste, and aroma. There are also other differences in properties, but we cannot feel them.

How can I make saffron powder?

You can use a mortar or spice grinder to make ground saffron. You can also buy Ghaaneh saffron powder; this brand uses the Iranian Negin and Super Negin saffron to make this powder.

Which countries produce the best saffron?

Iran, Afghani, India, and Spain produce the best saffron in the world.