saffron price in Croatia

Key Takeaways :

  • Saffron is new to Croatia: This precious spice is a recent addition to Croatian agriculture, with small farms growing it in Dalmatia.
  • High-quality saffron: The Mediterranean climate in Dalmatia seems perfect for saffron, leading to vibrant and flavorful threads.
  • Luxury spice: Just like anywhere else, saffron is a treasure in Croatia, so expect it to be a bit pricey!
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Saffron has a long story. This spice traveled all around the world to introduce itself. It has been found in Iran and for many years it has been used as the royal spice, finally, Arabs took the sunshine spice to Europe. Today, it is the most famous and most expensive spice in the world. Many countries could grow saffron now, and the quality is different. We are going to discuss saffron in Croatia, in this article.

Saffron in Croatia

Saffron is the separated and dried stigmas of the beautiful lilac flower named Crocus Sativus in the botanical that called the Crocus flower or saffron flower in public. To produce a gram of this expensive spice you have to harvest 140 to 180 flowers. The harvesting methods are all manual.

Croatia produce saffron but not enough for their usage, it means that Croatia needs to import saffron too.

People use saffron for culinary use due to the floral aroma, and great color of it. The main saffron buyers in Croatia are the restaurants; the chefs need this spice for their culinary creations.

Saffron has other uses too; it could be the main raw material for industries. This magical spice is used in cosmetic industries, and perfume making due to the vibrant color and aroma of saffron.

You can buy saffron in bulk for restaurants, industries, or the year usage. Or you can buy it retail for your own usage, or as a gift to someone. Using saffron in the daily diet is recommended many times, because of its great effects on health and body. Today, doctors recommend using it, to increase our health. They emphasize on the limited cases and prohibited amount of usage, but they believe using this spice regularly would affect our health and help us to have a healthier life.

The Price of saffron in Croatia

The retail price and wholesale one are different. The retail has a higher price than the wholesale, like other materials. You can buy saffron in Croatia with the retail price of $6.25 to $15.33 per kilogram and $2.83 to $6.95 per pound.

If you decide to buy your saffron in bulk, you can buy a kilogram for $4.37 to $10.73 and you should pay $1.98 to $4.87 per pound.

You can find retail saffron with the price of 19.73 t0 48.42 EUR per pound in Zagreb.

Where to buy saffron in Croatia?

You can buy saffron from local shops or online shops. Before buying your spice, you should know about how to recognize real saffron and avoid fake saffron and also recognize the high-quality saffron. If you know these methods you can recognize the high quality saffron and know the sellers, you understand who sell good and real saffron and also you can recognize the frauds.

Local shops in Croatia

Here, we introduce some local shops in Croatia that you can find saffron in there. You should check the quality and type of saffron yourself.

Dolac Market in Zagreb

This market located in the center of Zagreb, near the central square. The Dolac market recognize by the large, bright red umbrellas. This market has indoors and outdoor markets. The umbrellas are the outdoor place that you can find all kinds of fruit and vegetables. You can find all kinds of foodstuffs in the indoor hall.

You can smell the great floral aroma due to the wildflowers of the Croatia nature that are placed near this market.

Pazar Market in Split

This market is an outdoor market that located in front of the east wall of the historic city, Diocletian Palace. It is better to visit this market in the morning to see and buy the freshest foodstuffs. You can find all kinds of spices in this market.

Pijaca Market in Zadar

The main market in Zadar is called the Pijaca. This market is a huge part of the identity of the city for many years. You can find all kinds of foodstuffs in this market. You can do shopping and enjoy the captive architectural are exhibited.

Online shops

You may decide to buy your saffron from online shops, be careful, that you need to buy it from the trusted sellers and check different things like their licenses and standards, the consumer’s idea, and the ISOs.

You can buy your saffron from Queen of Flowers, we introduce you the best saffron from Iran. As you know, Iranian saffron has the best quality in the world. The Ghaaneh saffron brand produces the finest Iranian saffron. You can find all types of saffron this brand with high quality.


Experts and doctors have recommended adding saffron to our daily diet. It is better to use high quality saffron. You can find and buy it all around the world.

You can buy saffron in retail or in bulk due to the amount of your usage. Try to use this beneficial spice in your recipes and enjoy the great color, good taste, and fantastic aroma of saffron.


How can I use saffron?

You can use saffron in your food, desserts and beverages. The most recommended method of using saffron is saffron water or saffron tea.

What are the limited cases for using saffron?

The most important point in using saffron is the dosage. You should use saffron between 30 mg to 150 mg per day, more than this amount could be toxic. There are also some health problems that saffron could have bad effects on them like stomach problems, if you want to use saffron as the treatment you should first consult your doctor. The most famous limited cases are the pregnant women they should not use saffron.

What is the best saffron type?

The best saffron type is called Sargol. You may not find this type these days, it is better to buy Negin and Super Negin saffron.