saffron wholesale
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

There are many people, industries and companies that prefer to buy saffron wholesale. The usage amount of these are more than who buy saffron in grams. Their main question is where to buy saffron wholesale? They are looking for some safe and truthful seller. Almost all buyers try to avoid frauds. We want to help you to find the best saffron sellers. 

Who buys saffron wholesale?

When we are talking about buying wholesale saffron, we should see who and why need this expensive spice in bulk. People and industries may buy amounts of saffron in bulk, it depends on their use.


The people who buy saffron wholesale, may buy it for their home use. They may buy it in bulk due to its high price. The other reason could be the frauds. When people find a good and truthful seller, they may buy wholesale. As you know, saffron is the spice of the Asian region, that means shipping it to other countries all around the world is costly and needs lots of time, this shipping issue could be another reason for buying this magical spice in bulk.


There are many different industries that buy saffron as their raw material, in some of them this expensive spice is the main raw material.

Cosmetic industries

Saffron has a fragrant aroma that uses in perfume industries. In some perfumery saffron is the main aroma, while in some others it is used in combination with other basic odor. There were many historical stories that said saffron used as the royal perfume, or it is sprayed in the cities when the king wanted to enter that city.

As you know and see, saffron has a great red color, this color is used in cosmetic industries too. This brilliant color is used in lipsticks, nail polishes, shades, and anything needs color. Due to the natural properties, the cosmetics, which is made with saffron is more loved and popular.

Beverages and Food industries

Nowadays, there are many canned, prepared, and semi-prepared food, in most of them saffron used as the awesome spice. The most famous drink with this magical spice is saffron tea.

Saffron has various beverages and could use as a flavoring for other drinks. It is a really great additive for all kinds of beverages.


The restaurants use this spice in their recipes that means they buy wholesale saffron. By adding this spice to their recipes they use benefits of saffron in their restaurant.

Where to buy saffron wholesale?

You should buy your saffron from trusted sellers. Check their ISOs and lab tests and also reed the costumer’s ideas.

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It is better to buy saffron after you read about this magical spice and check the sellers. If you want to buy one of the best Iranian saffron, we offer you Ghaaneh Saffron. You can buy it from Queen of Flowers, in packages or in bulk.


1. Can I buy saffron wholesale for my own cuisine?

Yes, you can order saffron in bulk for a year, just you should check how to store saffron.

2. How much saffron called wholesale?

More than 100 gram saffron is wholesale, it is because of the high price of this spice and the usage method.

3.Which types of saffron I could buy wholesale?

All types.