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Ancient Iranian used Saffron as a treatment for lots of diseases. They did not have conditions to test the theory of Saffron benefits and health effects. They used it experimentally; traditional medicine believes that Saffron has special health benefits and pushes scientists to test and do experiments on its benefits and the possibility of treatments.

Saffron benefits and folk medicine

In other countries folk medicine using Saffron to cure some diseases was usual and they still use it as a great treatment for most of those diseases. For instance, in Greece folk medicine, Saffron is used for bile problems, wound healing, and skin freshness.

Saffron in ancient & modern medicine

The other example of using Saffron as treatment is China traditional medicine, they use it as toxin removers and blood circulation reinforcement. China is one of the most Saffron consumers all over the world, it is due to Saffron benefits and especially its health benefits.

Saffron is an Iranian spice, better to say that most of the used Saffrons all around the world are planted in Iran and its quality is the highest due to special experiments which represent their results in the factor called Saffron karat. Therefore, almost in all of our examples, we mention Iranian folk medicine.

New research on Saffron benefits

According to new research, Saffron has a lot of benefits and it can use as a treatment in some cases. Let’s check out some of these researches together, and dive into the science behind this fragrant spice.

Saffron to fight cancer

Saffron which is called Crocus Staivus in botanical is a colorful spice with high levels of antioxidants. The antioxidants of Saffron help the body to fight cell damage and may prevent cancer. In test-tube studies, Saffron and its compounds have been shown to selectively kill colon cancer cells, with no harm to healthy cells. Saffron antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals. Free radicals could link to cancer.

saffron in defeating cancer and infected cells

Saffron for Parkinson’s disease

Some researchers have shown that these antioxidants may have positive effects on the brain and nervous system. The main Saffron antioxidants are in three materials named Crocetin, Crocin, and Safaranal, these may improve memory and learning ability. These materials are Carotenoid pigments that cause the red color of Saffron, they prevent neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Saffron to cure seizures

In Iranian folk medicine Saffron is used as an anti-seizure remedy, some studies confirm its benefit on some types of seizure, but they emphasize that they need more data about safety. There are some experimental results that show Saffron benefits from loss weight aid.

Saffron for losing weight

Experiments show that adding a special amount of Saffron to a daily diet can help to feel less hungry and suppress your appetite, but if you want to lose weight you should combine Saffron with a balanced and healthful diet. Studies showed Saffron benefits the brain and memory. Due to its effect on memory and brain researchers test it as an Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

losing weight with saffron tips and tricks

Treat Alzheimer with Saffron

Some experimental results indicate that Saffron could be as effective as a prescription medication for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer disease. Saffron is not a cure for Alzheimer but it can slow down its progression and relieve symptoms.

The medical uses of saffron are most impressive

Iranian herbal medicine for centuries believes that one of the most and best Saffron benefits is its effect on the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. They believe that Saffron reduces the risk factors of heart disease. Scientists declare according to the high Potassium level in Saffron it could have great effects on heart function, but this theory needs more study. They emphasize that to ensure Saffron benefits on heart disease they need to have humans as the case studies and test these effects on the human body, which is not possible yet.

Saffron improves mental and physical health

Based on 5 studies Saffron supplements like Crocin, Crocetin, Safranal, and Kaempferol, are anti-depression. Researchers express that Saffron is more effective than placebos. They believe 30 mg of Saffron per day could be as effective as Fluoxetine, Imipramine, and Citalopram. Nowadays mental health disorders like depression affect people all over the world, Saffron may become the future treatment for these kinds of health problems, but experts need more evidence and data to start with it.

improving mental and physical health with saffron

The Saffron benefits are so variable, scientists explain that if you use 30 mg of Saffron per day, after for weeks you can see its effects on sexual desire, Saffron can reduce sex-related pain and increase sexual desire. In addition, there are some Saffron benefits for PMS. PMS or Premenstrual syndrome can be the reason for the variety of symptoms. Iranian herbal medicine prescribes Saffron as an alternative treatment for PMS.

Saffron reduces blood sugar levels

There is also no proven evidence that Saffron could help reduce blood sugar levels. The herbal experts and folk medicine believe that one of the Saffron benefits is Diabetes prevention. Clinical research showed that Saffron may reduce blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

In Indian folk medicine from a long time ago Saffron use as an alcohol addiction remedy. They used Saffron to reduce the alcohol effects like vomit, fainting, dizziness, and headache.

Saffron has active ingredients which decrease the alcohol side effect and the person would get rid of alcoholism.There is evidence that indicates Saffron benefits can affect Asthma. Crocin and Kaempferol as the main Saffron components could eliminate the Asthma attack.

But to use it in the Asthma medication experts need more experiments and proven evidence.In adult with eyesight problems eating Saffron regularly determine improvements, but yet there is no scientific data to confirm it.

How to use Saffron?

If you decide to add Saffron to your diet you should be careful about its amount. The high amount of Saffron can be toxic.  Eating 1.5 g of Saffron per day is safe, but 30 mg is enough for remedy. In food recipes there is just a pinch of Saffron to add its arrogant, color and flavor to the food. 

how to use saffron


To conclude, Saffron benefits improve health and treat many diseases, we can declare that Saffron has a lot of health benefits, experts and scientists have proven some of them and others need evidence. Folk medicine all around the world emphasizes the Saffron benefits and believes that it is a special treatment for many diseases.

Medical experts accept Saffron benefits but they insist that in order to use it as an official treatment and apply it in pharmacology more tests and experiments are needed. They state that to ensure Saffron benefits and treatment effects they need to test these effects on human, which need more time and accuracy. If you want to test saffron benefits, call us on Queen of Flowers to buy some.

Frequently asked question

What are saffron benefits on health?

Saffron has a great effect on health and uses as a treatment in herbal medicine

Is saffron anti-depression?

Undoubtedly saffron has an anti-depression effect and can use instead of depression tablets.