saffron spice for weight loss
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Saffron has been proved to suppress your appetite and decrease snacking to help you lose weight. Saffron extract has a promising potential as an anti-obesity herbal medicine through many biological functions, Your metabolism will speed up as a result of saffron consumption, burning calories and fat cells more effectively.

How does saffron reduce and aid weight loss?

According to experts, saffron could affect the human body in many ways. Some of these ways help with weight loss. Based on an 8-week study, women who added saffron supplements to their diet felt fuller, so they snacked less, and that meant they lost weight. Experts claim that snacking is a normal habit that causes overweight and obesity.

Scientists have a theory about how this spice helps lose weight. They say that the red spice improves your mood. An improved mood causes a decrease in the desire to snack. This theory may explain one of the reasons that this spice affects obesity.

how much saffron for losing weight

We can say that saffron has different nicknames because of its properties. It is called red gold because of its price. Some countries named it golden spice due to its color. Herbal medicines call it the sunshine spice.

Did you hear that it would help you to improve your mood? In one theory, nutritionists explained that the better your mood, the more you feel full. It means that improving your mood helps you eat less.

Serotonin, known as happiness hormone, affects 4 million brain cells. When the amount of serotonin in the body is low, we feel that we need to eat more, in order to get serotonin. Saffron has a high amount of serotonin. Using it will help us not to eat much.

Why is weight loss important?

When someone continues to increase weight, first it is called overweight, but if gaining weight continues, it becomes obesity. Nowadays, obesity and obesity are serious problems that people all around the world are involved in.

You may ask why scientists call these problems? Overweight and obesity may cause diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and hypertension. Obesity raises the risk of coronary disease.
Experts use two different drugs to treat obesity.

First, decrease intestinal fat absorption by controlling pancreatic lipase. The second one is called Sibutramine, an anorectic drag. After testing different methods, experts claim that the best way for weight loss is changing your diet and doing sports.

Traditional medicines recommend that using saffron 30 minutes after a main dish will help you lose weight.

Some studies over saffron for weight loss

How to use saffron for weigh loss

Diet experts believe if you use sunshine spice in your beverages it is better. They say that drink saffron tea or any beverage of it could double its effect on weight loss. They recommend drinking a cup of it about 30 minutes after main meal.

how to use saffron to lose weight with green tea

The amount of each use is very important. Although this golden spice is full of benefits, using too much of it could cause an awful effect on the body. In some cases, it may poison the body.

Experts prescribe to use saffron with green tea and honey after doing sport to feel the best effect. You can also use it with cinnamon, cardamom, lemon and ginger in white or green tea. You can also make saffron syrup. Do not use sugar to make it sweet. Use honey to make sweet syrup. These two, honey and saffron have great influence on the body health.

Chinese herbal experts say that it is better to brewed itself in hot water and drink it. Indian believes that using it with milk will be the best. In order to weight loss use it after sport or food.

Be careful, doses above 1200 mg could cause bad effect on your body, and may even be poisoning. It has been proved that 30 mg of it per day is enough for you to obtain all its benefits, but diet experts claim that 60 mg each day would affect the weight.

Why saffron for weight loss is recommended?

Saffron can increase the amount of serotonin, which causes the hunger feeling. The pancreatic lipase enzyme avoids the digestion of the fat in the diet. This magical spice can control this enzyme and therefore it would help weight loss.

In addition, this spice can restrain cytokines as an antioxidant, so the body will be fit. The red gold can increase the rate of glucose and lipid metabolism and cause weight loss.


Experts believe that saffron can effect on metabolism and mood. By these methods, it can affect hunger feeling. You can use saffron for weight loss, but you should be careful about the amount and the time of using it.

If you want to use it for weight loss, before start to use, consult with your doctor. Although, saffron spice has a lot of benefits, there are some cases where you should not use it.

Frequently asked questions

How much saffron per day will help weight loss?

Experts claim that about 60 mg per day is enough for this reason.

When should I use saffron for weight loss?

After sport and food is better.

Is there any study over the effect of this spice for weight loss?

Yes, some studies agreed that this spice could reduce and aid weight loss.