saffron extract supplement pills

Key Takeaways :

  • Golden Powerhouse: Saffron extract boasts mood-boosting potential and antioxidant properties, but research is ongoing for other benefits.
  • Doctor Knows Best: Consult your doctor before using saffron extract to determine a safe dosage and avoid potential interactions with medications.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Saffron as a medicine has many different usage. It can be the treatment of many diseases and also it can improve the body health in various conditions. This magic spice could also help the body to reduce the harms of some health problems. Many people should know saffron as an expensive spice, but it is a wonderful and effective medicine. We are going to explain the efficacy of saffron and the different types of how to use this spice.

What is saffron flower?

Saffron has a beautiful purple flower called Crocus Sativus or the saffron flower or crocus flower. This beautiful flower needs especial conditions to grow. These conditions and the harvesting process make this spice the most expensive spice in the world. Saffron is the stigmas of the Crocus flower that are separated manually and process to provide different types of saffron like Negin, Super Negin, Sargol and Pushal.

Saffron has many different usages and due to these usages experts produce different types of saffron like capsules, tablets and even the extract of saffron.

Benefits of saffron

Saffron not only an exotic spice, but also an effective drug for most diseases. Traditional medicines and experts use saffron as a medicine and prescribe this spice almost for all patients. Their methods of saffron usage make the scientists and doctors curious about the effects of saffron. This curiosity guides them to start clinical studies over saffron effects.

Antidepressant activity

Clinical studies show that saffron could be more effective than the antidepressant drugs. Saffron undoubtedly has antidepressant effects. Patients with symptoms of depression could use saffron as the drug for this problem. When they use this sunshine spice the harms are zero. In other words, saffron is a natural drug and has no harm in comparison to the chemical drugs.

Saffron could improve mood, and that is the reason experts prescribe using it in the morning before beginning your day, even if you do not have depression problems.

Anti cancer effect

Saffron has antioxidant properties due to four Carotenoid components named Crocin, Crocetin, Safranal and Kaemfral. The protective effects and antioxidant status of saffron could remove cancer cells without any harm for the healthy cells.

Anxiety symptoms

Saffron could help you to remove anxiety and reduce chronic stress. Saffron could help you feel calm and relax. It helps you to reduce your anxiety and stress. Saffron reduces and in some cases removes oxidative stress. Use the Sativus stigmas during your day and feel calm.

Improving eyesight

Saffron could improve eyesight and has positive effects on it, but there is no clinical data that could prove this effect of saffron. Traditional medicines insist that saffron is profitable in these kinds of diseases and the diseases with eyesight problems. Scientists claim that they need more experiments and tests to prove this assertion.

Anti Alzheimer effects

Pilot study shows that saffron could affect brain cells by the antioxidant status and anti-inflammatory effects. Actually, the results of studies say that saffron is not a treatment for Alzheimer but it could help your body to fight with these diseases and its harms. The sunshine spice improves memory hereto reduces the Alzheimer harms.

Anti Parkinson effects

According to the positive effects of the magic spice on brain cells, the benefits of it in treating or reducing the improving speed of Parkinson is clear. The clinical studies show that using saffron regularly could reduce the risk of Parkinson diseases.

Relax sleep

Experts prescribe using saffron tea before bed. They believe that it could help you to experience the calm, relax, and dreamy sleep during night. China traditional medicines prescribe using this spice before bed to use all its benefits, while other herbal medicines recommend to use it during the day, it is better to divide your dosage to three or four parts and use them different times of your day.

Weight lose

Adding Sativus stigmas to a high-fat diet could be helpful; saffron could help weight loss due to its effects on the appetite, serotonin hormone and human mood. All these aspects will help you to eat less and feel full. Nutritionists prescribe using this magical spice after the main meal to have better weigh lose.


Clinical trials show that saffron could help to treat the ADHD symptoms. This sunshine spice in combination with ADHD drugs showed great result and better remedy. It does not depend on age, it means adult and kinds can use saffron as a treatment and medication.

Effects on cardiac system

Over this term, studies continue and the tests and experiments are not finished yet. Although, scientists are still doing experiments on the effects of saffron on the cardiac and cardiovascular system, the herbal medicines believe in its positive effects on the problems with these systems. Saffron could reduce the blood pressure and by this effect it could help the cardiac system.

Effects on neural system

Saffron is reached in Carotenoid components like Crocin and Crocetin. The Crocin has protective effects on reperfusion injury and cerebral edema. These protective effects proved in animal models. The Crocetin has protective effects in the brain injury due to its ability to inhibit apoptosis. The tests that prove these effects are still doing on animal models. The clinical trials should do tests and experiments on human models to have the exact result of these effects.

Cold symptoms

Saffron itself could not treat the cold symptoms, but it can reduce its annoying effects. Saffron could help to reduce the cold symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, breathing problem, headache, and coughs.

Toxic effects

Saffron could be toxic and has toxic effects, but the main question is when? Or in which conditions the golden spice becomes toxic? There are two conditions, limited cases and dosage of use.

The amount of 30 mg to 150 mg is the recommended and safe amount of saffron usage per day. Experts say that if you use 30 mg saffron, it is about tow or three strands or a pinch, could bring you all its benefits and enough for daily usage. They also say that if you want to use this spice more than once in a day the total safe amount of saffron is 150 mg, about ten to fifteen threads. They recommend 50 to 70 mg per day, no more. More than 150 mg saffron could be toxic or poisoning.

There are some limited cases for using saffron, like people with clues and stomach problems. Saffron could intensify the problems in these cases. The other cases are pregnant women; they should not use saffron especially in the first three months.

Saffron types and kinds

There are different types and kinds of saffron. The best types of saffron are called Sargol, Negin and Super Negin. If you cannot trust to buy these types, you can order Pushal, the shape of Pushal saffron lets you recognize the reality simpler than other types.

The saffron powder is the simplest type to use, but you cannot trust all sellers to buy this type. The Ghaaneh saffron brand produces all these types of saffron for you with the highest quality of Iranian saffron. You can even buy saffron powder that provide from Negin and Super Negin saffron in Ghaaneh brand products.

The demand of saffron makes different industries and producers to produce various kinds of this magic spice. Today, you can find a saffron extract, capsules, tablets, oils, shampoo and face masks. Of course you can make the most of them at home, but today most people do not have time and look for the final product to use.


Using saffron regularly could help you to be healthier. This golden spice has lots of benefits and properties that are profitable and needed for our body. You can add this spice to your diet simply; you can use it in your foods, beverages and desserts. It is not just a drug and medication it is an exotic spice. It gives the natural golden color to your food that means you can have a colorful food without artificial color.

The fragrant aroma of this spice is one of the main reasons for its fame. You can add this aroma to all your foods and beverages by using a pinch of saffron. This aroma makes saffron beverages so popular and lovely. The taste of saffron is great, and you feel awesome to add this soft bitterness to your diet and recipes.

You can use any kinds of saffron, capsules, tablets, threads, powder, or even saffron extract.


Which types of saffron is the best to use?

The best types of saffron called Sargol and Super Negin. If you want to use saffron powder, you should better grind your threads or buy the saffron powder from trusted sellers. The Ghaaneh brand uses Negin and Super Negin saffron to make the powder.

Which kinds of saffron is more recommended?

Actually, the experts recommend using saffron, they just insist on the quality of this spice. You can use any kinds of saffron, if you want to be sure about your spice buy the spice and make its product yourself. If you do not have enough time to make homemade products buy them, but be careful about the frauds and their fake saffron. When you add this golden spice to your diet you can feel the magic.

How much saffron extract can I use per day?

You should know about the dosage of saffron in your extract. If you make it yourself, calculate the amount and use enough extract. If you buy the saffron extract, read the exact ingredients and the amount of them, then do your calculation and determine your dosage of use per day, according to the experts recommends.