skinny body with saffron
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

Saffron is the most expensive spice all around the world. As the most expensive spice, it has many health benefits, one of these incredible benefits is its effect on the weight lose. There are many questions about this magical spice, its properties and benefits, and this valuable dietary effect; let’s check some answers to these questions.

What is saffron?

Saffron is the red long stigmas of the purple flower called the Crocus Sativus. These stigmas are exactly the herbal drug that is effective in the treatment of most of the diseases. In this article, we discuss saffron as the effective drug for the overweight and obesity.

The red threads of saffron could be use in foods, beverages and desserts. You can also use this herb as saffron extract, saffron capsule and tablets. The method of your usage depends on you and your doctor.

Are overweight and obesity real health problems?

Many people ask that is overweighting and obesity a real health problem? They ask that, is it really a problem that needs drugs or cure? Doctors said yes. Obesity is a real health problem that can cause serious medical actions. And the said overweight may not be a health problem but it can cause harmful health effect in your body. You should better start treating overweight before it becomes the obesity. As you know, the obesity is the final position of overweighting.

Experts prescribe different method for losing weight. They believe the best method is the combination of doing sport and change the diet. Diet changing does not always mean not eat, in most of cases changing diet means eat healthier and profitable. You may ask, what does it mean to eat profitable and healthier? Many people think that it means to eat fruit and vegetables. You should use special amount of vegetables and fruits per day, but is it all? Of course not, experts explain what does healthier and profitable diet means.

There are different types of study and research about saffron effects on weight lose. Traditional medicine claim that it is affected, and then scientists start to test on model of animal groups. The next step is testing saffron effects on the human body. In this step, there are potential candidates, healthy women and men. These studies test the effects of compounds of saffron on weight lose and biochemical parameters in the body.

What is healthy diet?

There are many different healthy diets in the world. You can choose any of them, but just some of them are healthy for you. In the other words, each person has its own healthy diet. Your diet may not prescribe for your sister. Your body composition and biochemical parameters are important in choosing a healthy diet. The safety evaluation is different in each person.

The important point in most of healthy diet is that you should use the combination of protein, fat, vegetables, fiber and fruit. The amount of each depends on your body and its need.

What is profitable diet?

Profitable diet is the diet that gives your body exactly what it needs. There are different kinds of diet based on people who use them. For example, kids need more Vitamin and lipid than adults. In adults profitable diet is even more complicated. The profitable diet for an adult should check everything like the biochemical parameters, blood glucose, keratin levels and the probable diseases like diabetes mellitus. In order to have the best profitable diet you should consult experts.

Overweight and obesity, diseases and cause of them

The problems that overweight and obesity can cause them are more than you think. Most overweight women and men need help for moving; they have problems in breathing and many other routines. These are the start of health problems.

Heart problems

Did you see the picture of the human heart? Did you know anything about its size? Our heart should pump the blood through all our body oreganos, when we get fat, our heart size does not change. Overweight causes the hard work for the heart, and these hard works cause heart problems and diseases.


Diabetes research shows that high amount of lipid change to glucose in the human body, when the body cannot use them, diabetes happened. Most overweigh and obsess people suffer from diabetes due to their diets.

Moving problems

When someone is overweight or obsess it means there are many fat and lipid in the body. These fat covered the muscles and cause problems in using them. In other words, fat does not let muscles do their job well.

Breathing problems

When hear has problem in pumping the blood through oreganos, that means the lung blood flow is not normal. People with overweight or obesity has breathing problem due to their weight, their heart and lungs cannot work well, they try hard, but the result is full of problems.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders have various causes; one of them is breathing problems. In overweight and obsess people, breathing problems cause bad sleep or sleep disorder. Doctors prescribe using oxygen capsules during sleep to help these patients.

How saffron effects on weight lose?

Saffron has different effects on weight and appetite. These effects could help you to lose weight. Experts believe that saffron is effective for weight loss and could help the body in losing weight.

Reduce Appetite

Healthy women who participated in the clinical studies about the positive effects of saffron said that using saffron reduces their appetite. When they use saffron during the day, they feel less hungry and do not need to eat. This effect could cause weight lose in a long time.

Reduce snacking

Clinical trials prove that using saffron after main meals could reduce the appetite for snacking. When we do not snack or reduce snacking during our day, we would lose our weight. That is what saffron does to our body.

Improving mood

One of the beneficial effects of saffron is improving mood. When we are high and in our good mood, we do not feel hungry and we need less eating. This is a mental function. In mild-to-moderate depression, experts report increase appetite and gaining weight. Saffron could affect both of these diseases. This magical spice can improve mood and has anti-depressant properties, it can also reduce appetite and help to lose weight.


Serotonin is the name of the human hormones, this hormone cause better feeling and good mood. When this hormone release in our body, we feel less hungry and high, we feel great. When the amount of this hormone is less, we feel hungry because we need our body release this hormone. One of the beneficial effects of saffron is affecting the release of Serotonin.

In other words, saffron helps weight lose by affecting the serotonin hormone release.

How to use saffron for the weights lose?

You can add saffron to all your recipes. You can use your spice in foods, beverages and desserts. The best way to use saffron for its effects on lipids and body fat is using saffron water or saffron tea. If you have a problem with the taste of saffron water or tea you can add some honey to, try not to use sugar.

Chinese medicine prescribes using saffron in water before bed for every adult. There are other ones who believe just in medicine with the shape of capsule, tablets and extracts, pharmacists made saffron tablets, saffron capsules and saffron extract with different supplements for them.

The usage method depends on you, your doctor and the reason you use it, but using it helps you use all health effects of saffron.

Is the time of using saffron important for weight losing?

Using saffron different time of the day could cause various effects. Experts prescribe using this expensive spice after meal. It is better to divide your dosage of use to 3-5 parts and use them during your day after main dish you have. It is recommended to use some saffron water or saffron tea before bed to have a relaxed sleep.

The safe amount of using saffron

Experts say that in order to use the benefits of saffron 30 mg of it per day is enough. You may think if you use more saffron it would be more effective, that is not true. Scientist’s tests show that too much amount of saffron has no positive effects on your body. The clinical studies show that more than 150 mg saffron per day could cause damages in your body. Actually, more than this amount is not safe. If you want to have all benefits of saffron you should use safe amount.

Each 3-5 saffron threads are almost 30 mg. That means you can add 3 saffron threads to your cup and use it three or four times a day. To use the properties of saffron one cup of saffron water or saffron tea is enough, if you want to add to your dosage, do not use more than five cups a day.

When you want to use saffron powder or make ground saffron yourself, it is better to know that a quarter of a teaspoon or a pinch of ground saffron is enough for 3 cups of saffron water or making saffron tea.

The limited cases

Is it safe for everyone to use saffron? This is one of the most asking questions about using saffron, the answer is no. There are many limited cases that experts prescribe not to use saffron even in their dishes. The first group is the pregnant women, especially in the First trimester of pregnancy. In traditional medicine, saffron is used for the abortion.

The other limited group is people with stomach problems and ulcers. In these cases, protective effects of saffron are changes in to adverse effects and could cause more harm.

Due to these biochemical indices, it is better to consult your doctor before start to use saffron as a drug.


Saffron has many beneficial properties. You can have all of them by using this magical spice. Using saffron in dishes and recipes give them a luxury look and also all its properties. However using this spice in beverages is more recommended for using its health benefits. The clinical trials on healthy volunteers show that using saffron after meal could help weight lose. When you decide to use saffron as a drug or using it to help you lose your weight, it is better to consult your doctor. You should explain your conditions and diet for an expert and ask about the amount and time of usage.


Is there any age limits on using saffron?

No, kinds and adults can use saffron. When you want to add saffron to your diet as a drug it is better to ask an expert first, or consult your doctor, especially when you want to use it for kinds or young child.

What happened if I add more saffron to my diet?

It depends on the amount you add. Actually, more than 150 mg saffron per day is not safe and could be toxic. You should better not to use too much saffron. Try to use safe amount of this sunshine spice in your diet per day.

Do saffron supplements help weight lose too?

There are many different herbs in the world that can help weight lose, same of them are used as the saffron supplements, but none of them is exactly the same as saffron. By using saffron for weight lose; you can use other properties of saffron, like antioxidant status, too.

What happened if I use saffron supplements instead of saffron?

It depends, you want to use which saffron supplements? Before using saffron supplements you should check its properties, the negative and positive effects of that on your body and health. Even if you want to use saffron, it is better to consult an expert.

Does adding saffron to the dishes or desserts could cause weight lose? 

Using saffron in any method would give you its benefits, but if you want to use it as a drug, it is better to use it in your beverages. The most recommended type of saffron usage is adding it to water and drink saffron water or saffron tea.