saffron for anger management

Key Takeaways :

  • Saffron’s Potential: Saffron’s mood-boosting properties, potential link to reduced inflammation, and antioxidant content could aid anger management, although research is limited.
  • While saffron might be helpful substance, established methods like CBT and exercise remain crucial for healthy anger management.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Saffron as the most expensive spice is not just a spice, it is a wonderful medication. The red gold could be the treatment for most of the diseases. This spice has proven effects on mood and improving it; in this article we are going to discuss these effects.

What is Sativus flower?

Saffron is the stigmas that lay between the Crocus Sativus flower petals. The Crocus Sativus is the botanical name of lilac flower that known as the saffron flower in public. The stigmas of this flower separated and processed to make saffron threads in different types.

This beautiful flower needs especial condition to grow and that is the reason that saffron grows in the special climate and weather. Due to this point saffron is not produceing a lot in the world and almost 90 percent of the world using saffron is grown in Iran. This is one of the reasons that saffron has the highest price as a spice.

The stigmas of this flower are the golden spice with the red color. These stigmas have the root part too, the Pushal and Daste saffron have the root part but the Negin, Super Negin and Sargol have only the red part. The Ghaaneh saffron brand provides the finest quality of Iranian saffron for the costumers. You can buy Negin, Super Negin, Pushal and real saffron powder from the Ghaaneh brand.

The properties of saffron

Saffron as a spice has a golden color, fragrant aroma and unique taste. It can change your experience and give you dreamy recipes. Safforn health benefits for human bodies are uncountable. Traditional medicines prescribe saffron for many diseases, these prescriptions and the positive effects encouraged the scientists and doctors to test saffron properties. Some of these properties are tested and proved, some of them are still unknown, and some of them are under the test yet.

Saffron has certain effects on depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms, cancer, memory, mood, eye sight, weigh lose, relaxed sleep, and ADHD. Some of theses medical properties are proved based on clinical trials, some of them show the positive results on animal models and wait for the human tests, and some of them are not tested yet.

How saffron affects your anger?

One of the greatest saffron effects is anger management. Saffron could help you manage your anger with different ways.

Improving mood

Saffron is famous for its effect on the human mood. All story and fictions about saffron say that it could improve your mood. Experts prescribe using this spice in the morning before starting your day, to have a brilliant day. Saffron could control some hormones in the body, with controlling them it could affect your mood and improves it. Using the sunshine spice every morning will awake your positive mood and help you to have energetic day.

Feeling calm

Experts believe in the effects of saffron on the sleep quality. Saffron could help you have calm and relax sleep. In case of sleep disorders, experts prescribe drinking a cup of saffron water or saffron tea before bed. This simple and natural beverage would help you experience a dreamy sleep without problems.

All these points mean that this magic spice could help you feel calm and relax. In other words, you can feel calm and peace by using saffron regularly.

Anti anxiety

Clinical studies show that saffron could be one of the most effective materials to reduce anxiety. In some cases, the experts prescribe daily usage of saffron for anxiety disorders. Anxiety would annoy you and cause many problems in your life. A person with anxiety disorder symptoms may have sleeping problems and become aggressive. These symptoms may cause anger and unexpected behaviors. The golden spice would help patients to remove these annoying symptoms and reduce their anxiety. That means using this spice regularly should help you to manage and control your anger and aggressive feelings.

Reduce stress levels

Saffron could affect your brain cells and body hormones by these effects saffron could reduce the mental stress. In other words, saffron has calming and anti-stress effects. These effects impress brain health. Saffron would control and release the Serotonin hormone. Some of the Serotonin works in our body are clam, sleep and mood. In some sources Serotonin named as the hormone of the happiness. Saffron could control and release this hormone by affecting the brain cells.

Reduce blood pressure

When you got angry one of the first body reaction is increasing your blood pressure, this makes you more angry and also make your body ready for the needed reactions and physical activity. One of the beneficial effects of the sunshine spice is reducing blood pressure. This reduction helps you to get back on your positive mood and calm down.

How to use saffron for anger management?

Experts prescribe using saffron daily as a tea or saffron water. You should pay attention to this point that natural drugs are different from chemical ones. When you get angry, you can use a chemical drug and feel calm after some minutes, but when we talk about natural drugs the situation is basically different. You should use saffron regularly; it means that you should add this magic spice to your diet. You should use it daily and after sometimes you can see that you can manage your anger and you feel calmer and more relax than before.

Doctors prescribe to use saffron water and saffron tea to take all its beneficial effects. It does not mean if you add this spice to your desserts and food recipes, it is ineffective or useless. Actually, the best way to use this saffron is this way, but this herb has culinary uses as the spice and could be a magic of your dishes. Using it in the dishes and dessert and effective too. Experts recommend using saffron anyway.

Limited cases

When you want to use saffron for any disorders or symptoms, it is better to consult an expert. You need to know the amount and prohibited conditions.

Using the golden spice with having some disorders like the stomach and ulcers is prohibited. There are also some risky conditions like pregnancy.

The most important part is the dosage of use. Experts say that at least 30 mg saffron could give all its health benefits. More than this amount is safe for the maximum of 150 mg. Some people think when they want to use saffron to control their anger they should use more and more to see more effects, that is the most wrong thought. Using more amount of saffron could be toxic and you may have health problems when you use more than 150 mg per day. Be careful about your saffron dosage, this spice could be great medicine, but if you use it in the right way.

Saffron VS. Sedative drugs

There are many sedation and sedative drugs to use and manage the anger, but unfortunately most of them are chemical and make patients feel sleepy. If you cannot control or manage your anger or you have symptoms of depression, doctors prescribe sedative drugs for you, when you use these drugs you feel sleepy and you sleep most of your time.

This is one of the harms and annoying effects of the chemical drugs, most people do not like using these drugs due to their harms. Saffron is a natural drug for anxiety, anger, depression, and many other diseases. People can use saffron and be sure that your medications have no harms.

The medical properties of saffron make pharmacists to produce capsules, tablets and the extract of saffron for who mentally needs to use drugs in the these shapes. That’s right, there are some persons who believe that the only treatment way is chemical drugs. This is mentally. Today, doctors can prescribe saffron drugs for them. It is the combination of nature and technology with great supervision of science.

Today, everyone can use saffron, people who think chemical drugs are harmful, and also those people who believe in the chemical drugs only. The sunshine spice is a natural and more effective drug in the cases of anger, depression and anxiety disorders.


Adding the golden spice to your diet would change your taste experience and also your mood. The red gold would improve your mood and make an energetic day for you. After a while from start using it, you can feel its effect on your health and especially anger management. This magic spice reduces stress levels and helps you sleep calm.

Using saffron will bring you many positive effects that you can feel the changes after a week. You have the chance to taste the sunshine spice and add its exotic aroma to your life.


Are these effects are the same for kids?

The effects of saffron are the same in different ages, but according to the limited cases and the safe amounts of usage it is better to consult a doctor before using this spice for your kids.

Are the saffron capsules and tablets are as effective as saffron threads?

Using saffron in any kinds and types is good for your health, but it is better to use natural threads with the highest quality.

After how many times I can see the saffron effects?

You can feel your mood improves in the first week, and you can feel the changes in a month. You can see that you can manage your anger and feel calmer after using this sunshine spice regularly. After adding the golden spice to your diet, you can see that your health levels improve and you feel healthier.

How many saffron threads are the safe amounts?

The safe amount of saffron is 30 mg to 150 mg. Tow to three threads of saffron or a pinch of saffron powder is about 30 mg. You can add this amount to a cup of water to make saffron water or tea. You can add 10 to 12 threads to a teapot to make four cups of saffron tea and use it during the day. If you use powder or grounded saffron, you can add a quarter of a teaspoon to your teapot. The maximum safe amount of saffron usage in a day is 150 mg this amount is about 15 saffron threads.