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Saffron Extract for ADHD: Treatment & Side Effects

Saffron is not just the spice. During centuries, this magical spice is used as a treatment of many diseases. In recent years, scientists start to do many researches and experiments the health properties of saffron. The results show the amazing health benefits of this expensive spice. In the result of these researches, saffron could help ADHD. Queen of Flowers explains the benefits of saffron for ADHD.

What is saffron?

Saffron is the stigma of the plant, which is called Crocus Sativus in botanical terminology. The bright red color, exotic aroma, and favorable bitterness of these stigmas make them famous. Asia is where the first Crocus flowers originated. The bulb of saffron flowers was brought by merchants all over the world after years. These flowers require special cultivation conditions, and due to these conditions, only some countries can produce acceptable saffron in the world.

This magical spice has a long history. It was the spice of the royal families.

This spice has been used in traditional medicine as a treatment for many diseases.

What are the saffron health benefits?

Saffron has many health benefits, due to the antioxidant properties. This spice is used in herbal medicine for years. Nowadays, doctors and scientists believe in its health benefits after lots of tests and experiments. They prescribe it for their patients and pharmacists make drugs from it.

The positive effects of saffron on some diseases like depression, anxiety, obesity, cancer, heart problems, eyesight problems and sleep disorders, are proved. As doctors said, diseases are connected to each other. You may have a problem with your heart and it could cause other problems in your body. If you cure the first problem, it would affect the other problems. That is what saffron could do in your body.

Today, you can find saffron in various types to use as medications. There are different types of saffron extracts, saffron tablets, and capsules of saffron. You can also use the natural form of it. You can use it in food, desserts or beverages. You can use the powder, or threads of saffron. Doctors prescribe using it in safe amount.

Saffron is reached in Carotenoid components like Crocin, Crocetin, Safaranal and Kaempferal. These components have the antioxidant properties. We can say that due to the high amount of these components, saffron has lots of health benefits and antioxidant properties.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is the abbreviated form for the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD means that the person has a neurodevelopmental condition that affects the nervous system. This problem is very common in recent years. As you know, hyperactivity disorder has different classes, in ADHD one the patients could not concentrate on a topic and it could cause serious problems. You may think, this a kid disorder, but unfortunately, adults have this problem too.

According to some studies, ADHD could be diagnosed at the age four. There are many especial tests that designed and plan to diagnose this disorder in young ages. Some of the tests are computer games, which need attention and concentration.

How saffron could help ADHD?

Recent studies on the effects of saffron on ADHD symptom show that it could be effective and in some cases it could reduce the symptom in a short time.

In some studies saffron is used as a solo therapy and in some others it used as a complementary therapy to improve the effects of ADHD medications like methylphenidate, in both of these groups saffron shows its great and positive effects on this disorder.

The most common drug for ADHD is the methylphenidate that known by the brand names Ritalin and Concerta. These drugs called central nervous system stimulants; they regulate the chemicals in the brain and help to cure the ADHD.

Researches over saffron effects on ADHD

There are many researches that test the saffron and its effects on this disorder, but unfortunately, these studies are not enough to claim that saffron could be the best and exact treatment for the hyperactivity disorder and its kinds. Here we gather some of these studies and their result. We hope that more studies and researches do tests and experiments on this topic and prove the positive effect of saffron as a treatment for ADHD.

More studies and researches need to record saffron as the great and effective treatment for the ADHD and other kinds of hyperactivity disorders.


A pilot study, at 2019, tests saffron against methylphenidate as a treatment of ADHD.

The results showed that 20 to 30 mg saffron per day during six weeks could compete with the methylphenidate. It is a treatment for inattention and hyperactivity disorders.


Another study in 2022 showed that saffron could be more effective than the methylphenidate in reducing the hyperactivity symptoms. The methylphenidate is more effective in reducing the inattention symptoms. Saffron could help falling asleep in these cases and also help them to have a relaxed sleep.

Clinical trials show that the combination of saffron and methylphenidate is more effective in the ADHD cases.


Another study said that test over 70 persons saffron and methylphenidate in combination are more effective and could reduce the symptoms after eight weeks.

How saffron could help to reduce the hyperactivity symptoms?

Saffron could effect on the brain. These effects happened because of stimulating chemicals in the brain. Saffron can help the body to stimulate the glutamate and dopamine; it means that saffron can affect the brain and body by effecting the stimulation of these chemicals.

Increasing the levels of some chemical like dopamine, noradrenaline and glutamine would affect the ADHD, and help to reduce the symptoms.

ADHD is an oxidative damage, and saffron could increase the amount of antioxidants in the body. That means this magical spice could help to treat any oxidative damage like ADHD.

Doctors also said that using saffron would help ADHD kids not to have depression after their treatments. Most of the kids with ADHD symptoms that use these symptoms drugs would be depressed when they become adults. Saffron could help them not to be depressed and need the antidepressant medications.

The amount of saffron usage for ADHD

In some studies, 15 mg of saffron per day could be effective in reducing the ADHD symptoms. In some other, 20-30 mg per day of this sunshine spice is enough to help the treatment of ADHD.

In addition, experts said that adding at least 30 mg of saffron in your daily diet would give you all its health benefits.

Be careful about the high amount of saffron per day. It is not ok to use more than 150 mg of this expensive spice in a day.

You should also be careful in special cases. If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before any usage of saffron. There are some limited conditions like this. However, if you have no limited condition and you want to use saffron as a medication, it is better to ask an expert about the amount and time of usage.

The time of saffron use for ADHD symptoms

You can use it in the morning or at night before bed. But it is better to use it during the day. That means you should divide the amount of saffron to 3 or 4 parts, and use each of them in a specified time during your day. This method would be more effective.

Using saffron in the morning would make your day, due to its improving mood effects. And using this magical spice would help you fall asleep and have a relax sleep. Using saffron during the day would help you be fresh and reduce your stresses.


Saffron is really the magical spice; it could add awesome flavor, wonderful color and dreamy aroma to all dishes, desserts and beverages. It could also help medicine to treat most of the diseases. Today, the ADHD is really a common problem and doctors said saffron could help reduce and treat this disorder.

Recently, scientists have done tests and research about the effects of saffron on ADHD symptoms. They find great results. You can use it as a medication to treat this disorder. Studies show that it is better to use saffron and the methylphenidate, the most famous drug for the ADHD, to have the best treatment. Be careful about the dosage you use. You should be more careful about the dosage if you use it for your children.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Is it safe to use saffron for my ADHD kid?

Yes. Saffron could be the treatment for ADHD symptoms, and both kids and adults can use it.

2. Can I use just saffron as a treatment for my ADHD symptoms?

It is more effective when you use saffron and your drugs in combination. Saffron itself could help, but if you do not want to use chemical medications, it is better to consult your doctor.

3.  When should I use saffron?

You can use it any times of the day. It is recommended to divide the dosage in your day time line.

4. How many dose of saffron should be used to treat the ADHD?

Doctors said 20-30 mg saffron per day would be enough to help reduce symptoms, but be careful not to use too much saffron, it could be poisoning.

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