saffron candy
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Saffron rock candy is an Iranian candy, which is called Nabat in Iran. Iranian herbal experts believe that saffron rock candy has more health benefits than the spice itself. In Iran, this candy use as a sweetener of many beverages. In this article, Queen of Flowers will explain this candy and its benefits.

Iranian Rock candy

Nabat or rock candy is a great beverage sweetener in Iran. Iranian add this candy to different kinds of tea and syrups.

The color of this candy is very pale yellow, but when it is produced with saffron its color changes to orange. The saffron rock candy could add wonderful aroma, sweetness and color to different beverages.

How to make rock candy?

In order to make rock candy, you should add sugar to boiling water. The amount of sugar must be more than the dissolving capacity of the boiling water. In the next step, you should add sticks to the pot and give it time, almost a day or more, to get cold. When the soluble get cold, the sugars adhere to the sticks and dry. Now your rock candy is ready.

How to make Saffron rock candy?

If you want to make saffron rock candy, you should add saffron and sugar to the boiling water.  You do not need to add to much saffron to the mixture. You can add the saffron powder or threads; it depends on your taste.

Making any kinds of rock candy at home is not recommended.  It is a hard work and needs a big kitchen and takes a lot of time. In Iran there are special workhouses that make this candy in different type. The saffron rock candy in Iran is one of the different kinds of this candy, the most famous one.

The benefits of saffron rock candy

The health benefits and properties of the golden spice are famous. Nowadays, herbal experts and scientist believe in its health benefits and use it as a treatment for many diseases.

The rock candy could help to treat a lot of stomach problems. This candy not only sweet the beverages, but also could help the digestive system.

saffron candy benefits

In addition, rock candy made of sugar, which is an herbal product. Saffron is an herbal product too; traditional medicine experts believe that when you use two different products it is better to use the products with the same source. Sugar and saffron, both have the herbal source. In this way, you could have the highest benefits.

How to use the saffron rock candy?

You can add this candy to any beverages or make different beverages with it.

Add this candy to a cup of boiling water and let the saffron to brew and the candy to solve, after 4 to 5 minutes your sweet saffron tea is ready.

Add this candy to a cup of green, white or black tea, after the candy solve in the beverage, your sweet tea is ready.

Add 4 or 5 sticks of this candy to a pitcher of cold water, wait for 1 or 2 hours. Your very tasty saffron syrup is ready now. In the summer night, drink a cup of this syrup and experience the most relax and calm sleep ever.

You can add this candy to any syrup as a sweetener. It can also add to milk, and taste wonderful.


The saffron rock candy is an Iranian candy, which is used not only to sweet different beverages, but also add saffron to them.

It is ready to add sweetness and saffron to your beverages. If you add it to the cup of boiling water, after 4 to 5 minutes your tea is ready and sweet.

Additionally, this candy has a lot of health benefits, that you can use them beside saffron properties.

Frequently Asked questions

1) What is saffron rock candy made of?

It is made of sugar, saffron and water.

2) Where can I buy saffron rock candy?

There are lots of online shops that sell it, and also you can find it in many markets all around the world.

3) Can I make the saffron rock candy myself?

Yes, it is not easy, but you can make it yourself. In the article above, we discuss how to make it at home.