saffron cream sauce
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There are various methods to use saffron in food recipes; each of these methods helps you to experience new taste. One of the famous and popular saffron additives is this cream sauce. In this article, Queen of Flowers explains the saffron cream sauce recipe and its usage.

Saffron cream sauce

This sauce is a versatile and heavy cream. It is used with most of the dishes, especially seafood and fish. You can make it at your home and its recipe is not hard. This creamy saffron sauce could add a great flavor and aroma to your dishes. It has a bright and light yellow color because of saffron.

The spices you add to this creamy sauce are desired. It means that if you preferred spicy sauce you can add, there is no limitation.

You can pour this sauce on your dish in the serving time as a design. You can also add it deep to the food.

The benefits of creamy saffron sauce

The Crocus Sativus flower is the botanical name of saffron; actually, saffron is the stigmas of this crocus flower. These stigmas have a golden color, exotic aroma and soft flavor. These stigmas also called the most expensive spice in the world.

Saffron not only an exotic spice, but also a great remedy for most of the diseases. Any product that made with crocus flower has all saffron benefits. In other words, the famous creamy sauce that is made with saffron has all its health benefits. If you cannot use other saffron product, add this one to your dishes.

saffron cream sauce


How to make the golden spice cream sauce

You need saffron threads, boiling water or broth, flour, butter and desired spice. You can use any kinds of broth, but the chicken broth is more usual. You could use milk instead of broth or boiling water, but it may change the flavor. It is better to check that you want to use this sauce with which dishes, then use one of the above ingredients.

Add a teaspoon of saffron threads to one and half cups of broth, warm water or milk, based on your taste and the dish you want to serve with this sauce. Wait an hour for your magical spice becomes ready. Add six teaspoons of butter to the pot and melt it, then add three teaspoons of flour to it and stir till the color of the flour change to a golden color. It is the time to add saffron liquid and stir till the mixture start to boil.

You should serve this sauce warm, if you let it get cold, the flavor and soft texture change. This happens due to the flour you add to this sauce. You can add this sauce to any dish, but it is common to use it with seafood dishes. Most of Italian and French chefs use this sauce to design their food, and add extra aroma, flavor and color to it.

Saffron powder or threads

You can use saffron powder or saffron threads to make this sauce. If you add the threads to your sauce, they will float in your sauce and it is a beautiful appearance. But when you use the powder the color of your sauce becomes brighter and golden. You can use spice grinder and grind the threads of crocus saffron yourself.

Buying saffron powder is risky, because most of the frauds sell other powder instead of saffron ones. If you want to buy the powder of golden spice, buy it from trusted suppliers. Check their standards and lad tests, if they refuse to show you these proves, you would better not to buy from them. You can also check the costumer’s idea about their buying experiences.

Other recipes

There are many different recipes for making this heavy whipping sauce. You can choose one recipe or test some of them and find yours. There are French, Spanish and Italian recipes, and all of them are tasty, you should choose your desired one.

In some of these recipes you should add cream and black pepper. For example, in Indian recipe you will add curry to make spicy sauce. These different ingredients could change a bit, but the main part of this sauce is saffron, flour and butter.

You can brew your spice in white wine and then add this to the sauce mixture. You could also serve the sauce with Parmesan cheese. One of the great ingredients for this sauce is a garlic clove. You should add the garlic cloves to the flour and butter mixture, then add brewed saffron. The smell of garlic and the wonderful aroma of the saffron will mix and make an awesome sauce.


You can make the sauce of saffron, creamy one. This sauce has various recipes; the chosen recipe depends on your taste and the dish you want to serve with the sauce. You may love this sauce or never ever use it in your dishes, but we recommend you to use it at least once. It is tasty and delicious. It is also an awesome design for foods.

Frequently asked question

Can I make saffron sauce at my home?

Yes, making this sauce is not difficult; you can make it at home and enjoy the taste and aroma.

How should this creamy sauce of saffron served?

You should serve this sauce warm. Due to the flour in its ingredients, if you serve it cold the flavor and shape of would not be desirable.

Can I add this creamy sauce to my pasta?

Yes. You can add this heavy cream to any dish like seafood dishes or pastas.