grilled salmon with saffron
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Most people know about beneficial health properties of fish, but they do not use it due to its unpleasant smell. Chefs all around the world try to make aromatic recipes for this dish. Saffron, the golden spice, has a fragrant aroma and could affect the foods smell. This spice is used in perfume industries due to the exotic aroma. We explain two methods of using saffron in cooking grilled salmon, here.

Grilled Salmon

There are many different ways to make delicious salmon, especially for kids who do not eat fish due to the smell and taste. We explain two grilled salmon with saffron that kids and adults would love to eat.

Grilled salmon marinate with saffron

You should marinate salmon fillets in a special mixture. You can add any herbs you like to this mixture, but the main and the most powerful herb in this it is saffron. You should first ground your saffron threads with mortar or spice grinder. Use 3-4 threads of saffron. Add 2 teaspoons warm water to the ground saffron and wait 5-10 minutes. Add some chopped fresh parsley, 3-5 mint leaves, chopped onion, two cloves garlic , an egg, lemon juice, cardamom, black pepper, salt and brew saffron to a bowl, then mix them and marinate the salmon fillets in it. Wait almost 12 hours.

Now you have to choose that you want to fry your salmon or grilled. If you prefer grilled salmon, use two skewers for the fillets and grill them on the fire. You can also use an oven. Put the fillets in the baking tray, cut a garlic cloves and lemon and put them in the tray, if you want to use oil, it is better to use olive oil, 2 tablespoons is enough. Put the baking tray in the oven, and wait till your dish gets ready.

You can also fry the salmon on the medium heat. It depends on your taste. You can serve this salmon with rice or potato.

Grilled salmon with saffron cream sauce

You can grill or fry the salmon filet and then use saffron cream sauce or even saffron sauce to change the taste and smell.

Dry the skinless salmon filets with paper towel, and fry them. It is better to use a tablespoon butter or olive oil for fry the filets. You can also grill your salmon filet it depends on you.

During the frying time you should make the saffron creamy sauce. Brew a pinch of saffron in two tablespoons warm water, and then add lemon juice and almost a cup of plain thick yogurt. Mix this mixture well, and then add salt, pepper, mint leaves, dill leaves and parsley leaves.

When the salmon filet fried, put it in the dish and wait till it reaches the room temperature, then pour the creamy sauce on it. Now you should serve the dish and enjoy it.

You can serve this salmon with rice, bread or potato. You can add saffron to the rice and potato you want to make, too. In Iran, the rice is cooked with fresh vegetables and called Sabzi Polo Mahi. Iranian people make this dish for their new year, Norouze.


You can use saffron strands, but the powder is more recommended. Using saffron threads looks more beautiful in the sauce, but the powder release a better color.

Use spices in both recipes, but do not use too much spice that your dish lost the saffron properties.

Grilled salmon is healthier than the fried one. If you cannot grille it, barbeque or cook it in the oven is better.

You can use fish cooking net too.

Last word

You can make the most delicious fish dishes with saffron. The exotic aroma and color of this spice could help you make unique taste. Try these recipes and ask your friend that if they can smell fish? You would probably hear that they smell the fragrant aroma, and then here you are, they smell the exotic aroma of the Iranian saffron. Bon appetite.


Can I test these recipes for other kinds of fish?

Yes, you can make all kinds of fish with saffron and saffron sauce.

What happened if I use too much saffron in this recipe?

Too much amount of saffron is not recommended in any sources. The safe amount of saffron for each person per day is about 150 mg, but this amount is not ok in this recipe because too much saffron can destroy the taste of your dish.

Can I use the marinate material for other foods?

Yes, you can use these marinate materials for chicken, other kinds of fish and other kinds of meat and kebabs. You also can use the sauce of the second recipe for all kinds of meat and kebab; you should just use it after cooking your meat.

Are there any special skewers for salmon?

Actually, there are special skewers for fish, but if you do not have them and you cannot buy, use two skewers for each fish that helps you cook your fish well. If you do not have any skewers, you can use fish cooking net. Using the fish cooking net is easy and even amateurs can use it.

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