Saffron power for body

Key Takeaways :

  • Appetite Control: Early research suggests saffron might influence feelings of fullness and reduce cravings, potentially aiding weight management.
  • General Wellness: Antioxidant Power and Mood Regulation, Saffron’s rich antioxidant content might offer some protection against cell damage, saffron might influence mood and stress hormones, potentially affecting overall well-being.
  • Cold Relief & Skincare: Though traditionally used for colds and skin care purposes.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

Saffron known as the red gold and the most expensive spice has many great health benefits. The high price of saffron is not only because of the spice features, but also due to its antioxidant properties. Do you know about saffron power?

What is the saffron flower?

The spice we call saffron is the stigmas of a beautiful lilac flower, that people call it saffron flower. In botanical it is called the Crocus Sativus. There are three stigmas in each flower that should separate manually and after that the orange root part is separated and the longest red part will dry and made the Negin, Super Negin and Sargol saffron. This is the way that the Ghaaneh brand makes its high quality saffron.

The Power of saffron

Most experts believe that saffron has antioxidant properties. These properties make saffron the magical spice. The four Carotenoid compounds, Crocin, Crocetin, Safranal, Kaemphral, are the main reason of these properties.

The question is what is called the power of saffron? Or what these properties do for our body?

Health effects

Saffron with antioxidant properties could be the treatment for most diseases. Today scientists and experts accept its positive effects on health. Saffron affects the brain cells and helps the patients with brain problems like Alzheimer.

Saffron could improve the heart health and reduces the heart diseases. The golden spice has the anti-cancer properties; saffron could destroy cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells.

It has been proved that saffron has the anti-depressant properties too; clinical trials showed that it is more effective than the antidepressant common chemical drugs. It is used to improve mood. It has also anti anxiety effects.

There are many other health benefits in threads of saffron, like improving eyesight, aid weight lose, decrease blood sugar levels, and improve sexual function.
The magical point is that you can use all these properties and benefits of saffron by adding it to your daily diet. You do not need too much amount of this golden spice; 30 mg per day will give you all its amazing properties.

Culinary and spice effects

Saffron as the most expensive spice has unique properties. It has fragrant aroma that could change your smell experiences. It has a bitter taste like well-prepared coffee. And it color, amazing red, when you brew your spice in the hot water or ice cubes, the golden yellow color release, you can add this color to your dish by using saffron.

Saffron has a long and old story; it has been used in the royal family as a spice and perfume. First, the traditional and herbal medicines find its benefits and health properties, then scientists and experts start to test and experiment on this spice. After this long journey, it is still one of the most popular spices all around the world. It has still its place in the culinary and it is one of the amazing secrets of the famous chef recipes.

Shelf life

Saffron has a long shelf life if you know the storing conditions. This spice should be kept in cold, dark and dry place. Ghaaneh brand chose its saffron containers due to the storing condition; these containers are glass or metal airtight ones.

Which saffron has the greatest power?

It is better to use the highest quality of saffron. The best saffron grows in Iran, in other words Iranian saffron has the best and highest quality. You should try to recognize real saffron. Due to the high price of this spice, there are lots of frauds that sell fake saffron or bad quality ones. You should know the real saffron and avoid the fake ones.


Using the magical spice in your dishes and beverages would help you to use its amazing power. The power of saffron is because of its antioxidant components. These components affect your health and body. In addition, saffron as a spice has a great color, unique taste and exotic aroma that gives all these to your recipes. You can also use it in your beverages as a drug and flavoring.


How can I recognize real saffron?

There are many tests that you can use to recognize real saffron. The shape of real and good quality saffron threads is like a trumpet, wide head and narrow end. You can taste it saffron has a bitter taste. If you have the choice, brew the spice real saffron needs at least 5 minutes to release the golden color.

Could saffron effect on the blood vessels?

Yes, saffron could affect the heart and vessel system. This aromatic spice can help to improve the health of you cardiovascular system.

Using saffron would give me all its benefits?

Yes, you can use it in your recipes to have all the benefits of saffron. But if you want to use it as a drug it is better to use it in the beverages. Traditional experts prescribe using saffron water.

What if I increase the amount of saffron in my daily diet?

Do not use more than 150 mg per day. Experts believe that more than this amount is not safe and could be poisoning. If you use 30 mg saffron per day, you can use all its properties, if you want to add to this amount, it is better to consult your doctor.