saffron price in thailand

Key Takeaways :

  • Saffron isn’t grown in Thailand: The climate in Thailand isn’t ideal for saffron cultivation. The spice is more commonly associated with countries like Iran, Spain, and Greece.
  • Saffron is available in Thailand: Despite not being grown locally, saffron can be found in Thailand. Specialty stores and online retailers sell it.
  • Saffron use in Thailand: While not a traditional Thai spice, saffron finds its way into some Thai dishes, especially in high-end restaurants. It’s also used for the name of restaurants, but not necessarily indicative of their cuisine.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

Saffron in Thailand is not just a spice. The golden spice named saffron and is very famous in this country. You can find Saffron Road, Saffron Hotel, and Saffron Hill beside saffron spice in your search in Thailand. Here we discuss about the price of saffron as a spice and its awesome properties, like its healing properties and medicinal benefits.

The saffron spice

The first saffron in the world and Thailand is the name of the stigmas of the beautiful lilac flower called Crocus Sativus, this flower called the saffron flower in public. These stigmas have two parts, the red one and the root part that is orange or yellow. The red part known as the saffron spice in public, the orange part is called the root and its properties, color, and aroma of it is less than saffron. Some industries use this part due to its aroma, and cheap price, and there is a type of saffron that just has this part, this type is called the Konj saffron. The red part is very famous and the most features of saffron like its color, aroma, authentic flavor, and the health benefits, are in this part.

Most saffron types have the red part, and the all red ones are more popular.

In Thailand spicy saffron is very famous that people name a hotel as saffron hotel in Bangkok. There are also Saffron Hill and Saffron Road there, it is better to say saffron spice if you want to ask about the expensive spice.

The saffron price

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. When you want to buy the high-quality saffron, you should pay more. All-red saffron spice types are more expensive than the types have the root part. The price of saffron has a range; this range is due to the quality of saffron, the type of saffron, and the agricultural conditions, like weather and climate changes.

The origin is important due to the agricultural conditions. The highest quality of saffron belongs to Iranian saffron that you can find in Thailand easily.

The all-red saffron spice has a higher price, these types are Sargol, Super Negin, and Negin. The most popular saffron type that is not all red is called the Pushal saffron. In this type of saffron you can see the red and root part in the saffron threads. The shape of this type helps you recognize it and avoid fake saffron.

The price of saffron in Thailand

The saffron price in Thailand for wholesale is about 2,500 EUR. You can also buy your spicy saffron for 3.5 EUR per gram; this is the retail price of saffron in Thailand.

Usually the restaurants and industries buy kilograms of saffron or buy it in bulk. Wholesale buying is more beneficial due the cheaper price. You can buy your golden spice in bulk if you know how to store it. Saffron has a long-term shelf life and the storing conditions are simple. You should keep your saffron in an airtight container in a dark, cold, and dry place.

Where to buy saffron in Thailand?

It is not hard to find saffron in Thailand, but it is not easy to find real high-quality saffron. You should know how to recognize saffron and its quality. You can buy your saffron from online shops and local ones, but you should be careful about fake saffron and frauds.

Thailand Local shops

Here, we introduce some of the Thailand local shops that you can buy saffron from, but if you cannot recognize saffron and its quality it is better not to buy your spice here.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

You may see some pictures of this market. It is on the river and the shops are little traditional boats. You can go through this market by boat and buy what you want. You would find different types of saffron here with different prices try to buy real one.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is a weekend market and actually, it is the largest weekend market in the world. You can find almost everything there like, local delicacies, cloth, second-hand merchandise, home decor, handicrafts, antiques, plant, foodstuffs, and spices.

Night Bazaar

This bazaar has various stalls selling street, food, foodstuffs, spices, carvings, antiques, cloth, and furniture. The prices in this bazaar are not fixed and due to this reason it is a favorite market.

Online shops

You can find many different saffron online shops when you search the Internet. You should try to find trusted online shops.

The Ghaaneh saffron brand has different types of saffron, and the golden spice of this brand is Iranian saffron. You can find a high-quality saffron in almost all types on our website.

The Ghaaneh brand produces saffron powder from the Negin and Super Negin saffron. The ISOs, standards, certificates, and licenses of this brand are uploaded on the website, you can check them anytime you wish.


Today, according to health benefits and healing properties of saffron, the demand of using this spice increases. This increasing causes a great growth in the price of saffron. There are other factors that affect this price that we mentioned above. However, saffron is expensive, experts recommend to use it in our daily diet. In order to have healthier life, it is better to add this golden spice to your daily diet.


What type of saffron could be recognized easily?

Pushal. Pushal saffron has the red part and the root part. In Pushal saffron treads you see 3 to 4 centimeter red colors and about one centimeter orange or yellow color. This is the natural shape of saffron threads. Frauds cannot copy this shape and you can trust its reality.

How can I use saffron in my recipes?

You should brew your spice in hot or cold water. If you want better color, use ice cubes or cold water. It is better to use saffron powder or grind your saffron by spice grinder or mortar.

Is there any limitation about using saffron?

Yes, there are some limited cases that should not use saffron. There is also the prohibited amount of saffron usage. You should not use more than 150 mg saffron per day, more than this amount could be toxic. Experts say that 30 mg saffron per day could give you all its health benefits. About limited cases, you should better consult your doctor before using saffron.