saffron price in India

Key Takeaways :

  • Prized Possession: Kashmiri saffron is India’s crown jewel, known for its unique color, flavor, and hefty price tag.
  • Culinary and Medicinal Uses: Kesar adds a touch of luxury to Indian cuisine and is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Deeply Rooted History: Saffron’s presence in India goes beyond food and medicine, holding cultural significance in religious ceremonies and festivals.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

Saffron, the prized jewel among expensive spices, holds a revered position in Indian culinary traditions and cultural heritage. Renowned for its superior quality and distinctive aroma, saffron plays a pivotal role in enriching a wide array of Indian dishes, from savory biryanis to indulgent desserts. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the world of saffron in India, examining its prices, varieties, and conducting a thorough review of local shops offering this finest of spices.

The Nature and Varieties of Saffron

Saffron, derived from the delicate stigma of the Crocus sativus flower, is characterized by its vibrant crimson threads and unique flavor profile. In India, saffron is primarily sourced from Kashmir, where the cool climate and fertile soil create optimal conditions for saffron cultivation. Kashmiri saffron, known for its intense color and rich aroma, is prized for its superior quality and is often considered among the finest saffron varieties in the world.

Additionally, Indian saffron enthusiasts have access to Iranian saffron, renowned for its bold flavor and potent aroma. Iranian saffron, sourced from the arid plains of Iran, offers a slightly different flavor profile compared to Kashmiri saffron, making it a popular choice for certain culinary applications. Both varieties of saffron are widely available in India, allowing consumers to explore and appreciate the nuances of each.

The Price and Quality of Saffron

The price of saffron in India varies depending on factors such as quality, origin, and market demand. High-quality saffron, characterized by its vibrant color, long threads, and potent aroma, commands a premium price due to its rarity and purity. Kashmiri saffron, with its superior quality and distinct flavor profile, tends to be more expensive compared to other varieties.

However, consumers must exercise caution when purchasing saffron, as the market is rife with counterfeit products and fake saffron. Fake saffron, often made from inferior substitutes such as safflower or turmeric, lacks the distinctive flavor and aroma of genuine saffron, making it essential for consumers to source their saffron from reputable suppliers and trusted producers.

Saffron Farms and Producers

India boasts a rich tradition of saffron cultivation, with saffron farms dotting the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir and other regions. These farms, nestled amidst snow-capped mountains and lush valleys, produce some of the finest saffron in the world, renowned for its purity and potency. Saffron farmers, known as “zafran kisans,” meticulously tend to their saffron flowers, carefully hand-picking the delicate stigmas to preserve their quality and flavor.

In addition to traditional saffron farms, India is also witnessing a growing interest in organic saffron cultivation. Organic saffron, produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, offers consumers a healthier and more sustainable option while preserving the natural integrity of the spice. Organic saffron farms adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that consumers receive the finest saffron without compromising on taste or purity.

Local Shop Review

To gain insights into the Indian saffron market, we visited several local shops across the country, each offering a unique selection of saffron products. Here are reviews of three prominent saffron shops:

Khan Market Spice Emporium

Located in the heart of Delhi’s bustling Khan Market, the Spice Emporium is a veritable treasure trove of exotic spices and culinary delights. Here, visitors can find a wide selection of saffron varieties, including Kashmiri and Iranian saffron, sourced from reputable producers across India and abroad. The Spice Emporium’s knowledgeable staff are on hand to provide guidance and recommendations, ensuring that customers find the perfect saffron for their culinary needs.

Kashmiri Saffron House

For those seeking the finest Kashmiri saffron, the Kashmiri Saffron House is a must-visit destination. Situated in the picturesque town of Pampore, known as the saffron capital of India, this family-owned shop specializes in premium-quality saffron sourced directly from local farmers. Visitors can witness the saffron harvesting process firsthand and purchase freshly harvested saffron of the highest grade. With its commitment to quality and authenticity, the Kashmiri Saffron House offers an unparalleled saffron shopping experience.

Online Shops Review

For gaining information for online shops in India here are some 4 high quality online shops:

Ghaaneh Saffron

Ghaaneh Saffron, an esteemed online shop specializing in saffron, stands out as a beacon of quality and authenticity in the digital marketplace. With a commitment to sourcing the finest saffron from reputable producers, Ghaaneh offers customers a convenient and reliable platform to purchase premium-quality saffron from the comfort of their homes. From the prized Kashmiri saffron with its intense flavor and vibrant color to the luxurious Iranian saffron renowned for its bold aroma, Ghaaneh Saffron provides a diverse range of options to suit every culinary preference. With transparent sourcing practices and stringent quality standards, Ghaaneh Saffron ensures that customers receive only the finest saffron, making it a trusted destination for saffron enthusiasts seeking excellence in every strand.You can place your order from all around the world.

Saffron India

Saffron India is a leading online retailer offering a wide variety of saffron products sourced from premium-quality saffron farms across the country. With a focus on quality and authenticity, Saffron India ensures that customers receive only the finest saffron, handpicked and processed to perfection. The website features an extensive selection of saffron grades, from standard to premium, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast seeking saffron for your next gourmet creation or a health-conscious individual looking to harness the benefits of this precious spice, Saffron India has options to suit every need. Despite the high quality of saffron offered, Saffron India maintains competitive prices, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. Each saffron product boasts a rich flavor and vibrant color, reflecting the meticulous care and attention invested in its cultivation and processing.

Kashmir Online Store

 Kashmir Online Store is a reputable online platform specializing in high-quality saffron sourced directly from the saffron-rich valleys of Kashmir. Renowned for its superior quality and rich flavor, Kashmiri saffron is coveted by chefs, health enthusiasts, and connoisseurs worldwide. At Kashmir Online Store, customers can browse through a diverse range of saffron products, including whole threads, powdered saffron, and saffron-infused goods. The website prides itself on the authenticity and purity of its saffron offerings, with each product undergoing stringent quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction. While the price of saffron may vary depending on the grade and quantity selected, Kashmir Online Store remains committed to offering competitive prices without compromising on quality. Whether used in culinary endeavors or as a natural remedy, Kashmiri saffron from this esteemed online store promises to elevate your experience with its unparalleled aroma and flavor.

Gulistan Saffron

 Gulistan Saffron is a trusted name in the world of saffron, renowned for its commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering the finest saffron products to customers’ doorsteps. As one of India’s premier online saffron retailers, Gulistan Saffron offers a diverse variety of saffron grades, each carefully selected for its exceptional quality and purity. Whether you’re seeking saffron for culinary purposes or wellness applications, Gulistan Saffron has options to suit every requirement. The website boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to browse through the extensive range of saffron products and make informed purchasing decisions. Despite the premium quality of saffron offered, Gulistan Saffron maintains competitive pricing, ensuring accessibility for all. Each saffron product from Gulistan Saffron is characterized by its rich flavor, vibrant color, and potent aroma, reflecting the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into its production.


In India, saffron transcends its status as an expensive spice to become a symbol of culinary excellence and cultural heritage. With its superior quality, vibrant color, and rich aroma, saffron enriches the culinary traditions of the subcontinent, captivating the senses and delighting palates across the country. Through the diligent efforts of saffron farmers, producers, and local shops, India continues to uphold its reputation as a leading producer and purveyor of the finest saffron in the world, ensuring that this precious spice remains an integral part of the nation’s culinary legacy.


1. What factors influence the price of saffron in India?

The price of saffron in India is influenced by several factors, including its quality, origin, and market demand. High-quality saffron, such as the prized Kashmiri variety, tends to command a premium price due to its superior flavor, aroma, and vibrant color. Additionally, saffron imported from renowned regions like Iran may be more expensive due to its reputation for exceptional quality. Market demand also plays a significant role, with fluctuations in supply and consumer preferences impacting prices accordingly.

2. Where can I find saffron for sale in India?

Saffron is readily available for sale in India at various outlets, including local spice shops, specialty stores, and online platforms. Popular destinations for purchasing saffron include traditional spice markets like Khari Baoli in Delhi and Lalbaug Spice Market in Mumbai, where vendors offer a wide selection of saffron varieties to cater to diverse culinary needs. Additionally, online platforms such as Ghaaneh Saffron and other reputable websites provide a convenient option for purchasing saffron from the comfort of one’s home.

3. How can I ensure the quality of saffron when purchasing in India?

To ensure the quality of saffron when purchasing in India, it is essential to buy from reputable sources and trusted producers. Look for saffron that is labeled with indicators of purity and origin, such as certification labels or seals of authenticity. Kashmiri saffron, in particular, is known for its superior quality and distinctive flavor profile, making it a preferred choice for many consumers. Additionally, consider factors such as color, aroma, and thread length, as these can provide valuable insights into the saffron’s freshness and authenticity.

4. Are there different grades of saffron available in India?

Yes, saffron is typically graded based on factors such as color, aroma, and thread length, with higher grades commanding a premium price. The highest grade of saffron is known as “sargol,” which consists of only the top portion of the stigma and boasts a deep red color and intense flavor. Other grades include “pushal,” which contains the whole stigma and may have slightly lower color intensity, and “konge,” which consists of broken or smaller threads and is considered lower in quality.

5. What are some popular local shops in India known for their saffron selection?

In India, several local shops are renowned for their exceptional saffron selection and quality. One such establishment is the Kashmiri Saffron House in Pampore, Kashmir, which specializes in premium-quality Kashmiri saffron sourced directly from local farmers. Additionally, Khan Market Spice Emporium in Delhi and Lalbaug Spice Market in Mumbai are popular destinations for purchasing saffron, offering a diverse range of varieties to cater to different culinary preferences. These local shops uphold strict quality standards and provide customers with the assurance of purchasing authentic and high-quality saffron.