using saffron, cold brew or hot brew
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Using saffron has many different ways. The using method depends on various things, like culture, application and region. In this article Queen of Flowers study some of these usage methods and recommend the nest way to use saffron.

Using methods of saffron

These using methods have different basics, first, we explain these basics, and then we will describe the methods.


Experts recommend that if you want to use saffron as a drug, it is better to drink saffron water. They even explain that for different effects you should use it at different times of the day.

If you want to use it as a spice and simultaneously improve your health factors, you can add it into your foods. That means if you use this golden spice in your daily cuisine, you could cook a delicious food and also you will take its health advantages.

You can use this sunshine spice as a luxurious drink; in this case, you should add it to your drink recipes.


The red gold is famous in some countries; most of these countries are the saffron producers. Due to the unique properties of the golden spice it becomes a part of culture of theses countries.

In some countries like China, people believed that saffron is one of the greatest cures for most of the diseases. They drink saffron beverages to take all its health benefits.

In other countries like Iran, India and Afghanistan saffron is a great spice. They add this spice in almost all of their foods. They use it like other spices.

In some European countries saffron is a very luxe spice, they use it in their cuisine, but in especial recipes.


You may hear that some people call saffron as the Asian spice. The saffron crocus flower first finds in Asia. Over the long history of this spice, Asia is still the best region to cultivate the red gold. Because of it, the usage amount of saffron in this region is more than others. They know about different methods to use it and also they are who introduce the best way to use saffron.

Using methods

In order to use saffron with all the reason you should first make it ready. You can eat the saffron threads themselves, but you cannot add them to recipes.

If you want to taste this spice, put one saffron strand under your tongue and taste. Eating too much of this spice could cause health problems.

In order to make your spice ready, you should brew it. There are some different brewing methods. We explain these methods and discuss the best one.

Hot brewing

Add your spice to hot water, and wait for 10-15 minutes. It is the simplest way to brew saffron. If you want to use strands, add 3-4 saffron threads to a cup of boiled water. It is better to use saffron powder.

If you want to buy saffron powder, you need to recognize the real and fake saffron. When you cannot recognize the real saffron and you do not know the quality factor, it is better to buy Negin or Super Negin saffron and grind the threads yourself. Add some saffron strands and a pinch of sugar to the spice grinder and grind them. Your saffron powder is ready, now you can brew the powder. Do not add too much powder. If you want to use warm water, wait more than 15 minutes.

In some recipes, you have broth. In these kinds of recipes you can brew the grounded saffron in the broth. Actually, you can brew the magical spice in any hot liquid.

Cold brewing

If you add ground saffron to ice cubes, you will brew it cold. In this way, you can use threads of saffron or cold water.

It is recommended that using spice powder or the ground saffron will give you better results.

Using in foods

When you want to use saffron in food, you can use it in many different ways. You can brew it hot or cold, and then add it to your food. However, there are some advices about how to use this sunshine spice in foods.

Saffron rice

There are many different kinds of saffron rice like Basmati rice, Risotto, Paella and Iranian Tahchin. In order to make saffron rice, you should check your recipe first. Adding saffron to the white rice will give them bright yellow color.

For example, In Risotto and paella recipes you should brew the saffron powders or grounded spice in broth and let the rice cook in this saffron broth.

Basmati rice is an aromatic rice and you should add all needed spices when you want to cook it. You can brew saffron then add it to the cooking pot or you can add a pinch of saffron threads to the pan and let it brew during cook time.


As we mentioned above, you can brew threads of saffron in all liquids, one of the popular liquid for brewing spice is milk. In the recipes for dessert, milk is a common ingredient. You should brew your threads or powdered saffron in hot or cold milk, and then add it to your dessert.


The Stigmas of saffron crocus have lots of health benefits, and people drink them in their beverages to take these benefits. You can brew Your expensive spice in all kinds of beverages, like white wine.

The simplest saffron drink is saffron tea. You can make this tea with any kind of brewed saffron.


In seafood, you should brew your spice before start to cook. It means that you should make your threads of saffron ready first, and then start cooking.

As you know, seafood smell are not pleasant, all chefs add different spices to these dishes to change the smell. One of the great spices for this aim is undoubtedly saffron. The important point is you should make it ready in the best way to use its exotic aroma.

The best way

Between all these using methods, one of them is more recommended. The best way to use saffron and take all its properties is to brew saffron powder in ice cubes. It is better to brew saffron, and then use it, even in rice recipes like Risotto and desserts like rice puddings.


The best way to use saffron is making saffron water. The saffron water could make in many different ways. The most recommended way is using ice cubes. It is better to use powder or ground saffron. You can use saffron in your desire way, but in order to take all its properties use the best method.

Frequently asked questions

Is it better to buy saffron powder?

Buying saffron powder is not recommended, due to the frauds. It is better to grind your spice in spice grinder.

How should I use saffron in my food?

It depends on your recipes. You should brew your spice first, and then add it to your food.