magical saffron benefits
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Saffron is not just a spice; we can say it is a magical spice. This magical spice has been used as the remedy for most of the diseases in traditional medicine. Today, scientists do lots of experiments on its properties and accept it as a great medication. Pharmacists start to make different kinds of drug from this expensive spice. These days you can find the saffron extract, capsules and tablets. Let’s check powerful health benefits of saffron.

What is saffron?

The plant of saffron is called Crocus Sativus. It grows from saffron bulb. The saffron flower is a beautiful lilac flower, and the saffron stayed in the middle of these petals. The stigmas of this flower have a golden red color in the strand part and golden orange in the root part at the end. These stigmas could affect our health by their natural properties.

The stigmas are almost 4 centimeters long, the first 3 centimeters of them are red and called the saffron threads, and the last centimeter is the root that has an orange color. The root part is cut during saffron process. This part has almost all saffron properties, but the color of this part is not red and this part cannot release golden color.

Why saffron is used as a medication?

Actually, almost all herbs are rich in antioxidants. These herbal antioxidants help the body to fight damaging cells and also improve the health of the body. Saffron is rich in these antioxidants, due to its Carotenoid components.

Corcin, Crocetin, Safranal, and Kaempfral are the Carotenoid components. In other words, these four components are the main reason of the health benefits of saffron.

In addition, saffron is full of minerals like Calcium, Potassium and Iron.

Actually, when you use saffron as a spice you can use all its properties and minerals, but when you use it as a medication you have aim, you focus on the special benefit. If you use saffron regularly, you use this natural medication and the benefits it has.

The lilac Sativus flower also has lots of health benefits. Some experts prescribe drinking the tea of the petals of saffron flowers could give you the therapeutic properties of this flower.

The health benefits of saffron

Saffron as an herb has lots of health benefits, some of these benefits have been checked and tested in clinical trials, hence today, we can say these benefits are approved. There are also some saffron benefits, which have no proof, that means they are not proven yet.

Approved effects

As you know, when scientists approved the positive effects of saffron, pharmacists start to make different kinds of saffron drugs.


According to the studies saffron could be effective in the depression treatment. In these studies saffron could be more effective than the antidepressant drugs like Fluoxetine, Imipramine and Citalopram. The great point about using saffron as an antidepressant drug is that there is no side effect or chemical harm.


Saffron could improve mood when it used during the day and this sunshine spice would help you have a relaxing sleep when you use it at night before bed. This phrase can show you the relaxing effect of this magical spice.

Help weight lose

Saffron helps your brain to release Serotonin, this hormone would help you to be less hungry and eat less. That means saffron could help the body for weight lose. Additionally, when saffron improving mood, it causes you snack less. This is the second way that saffron helps you to lose weight.

Anti- cancer

The antioxidant properties of saffron could help the body to fight with cancer cells. These properties help the patient’s body to kill damaging cells with any harm to healthy cells.

Heart disease prevention

Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties and cholesterol lowering benefits. These two effects could help heart be healthier and prevent heart diseases. In addition, these effects reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Reduce PMS

Most women have problems with this syndrome, Premenstrual syndrome. This could cause many physical, emotional and psychological symptoms for women. Saffron could reduce the effect of this syndrome and even help to treat it.

Studies show that using 30 mg saffron per day is more effective than any other drugs at treating PMS symptoms like pain, cravings, headaches and irritability. This study works on women in 20-45 years old.

Slow down Alzheimer

Saffron has great positive effects on the brain cells. These effects will improve the function of the brain cells and this improvement slow down the Alzheimer disease.

Remedy of sleep disorders

Experts said using saffron at night before bed could help you fall asleep and have a relaxing sleep. According to the anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects of this magical spice, help to fall asleep and sleeping well is expected.

ED treatment

According to the researches, saffron could treat the erectile dysfunction, the maintain erection ability. There are different chemical remedies for ED, but if you think chemical remedies could cause harm or you prefer to use natural medications, it is better to use saffron.

Libido Promotion

Saffron could increase sexual function, both in males and females.

According to the positive effect of saffron on erectile dysfunction, use saffron regularly could improve libido and satisfaction but has no effect on the semen characteristics.

Studies also show that using saffron for four weeks in women with low sexual desire, should reduce sex related pain, and increase the sex desire.

Unapproved effects

Saffron has lots of health benefits; many of them have no proof and need more experiments on human cases. These unproven benefits are used in treating diseases in traditional and herbal medicine.

Help to treat nervous system disorders

As we mentioned above, saffron has antioxidant properties. These properties could protect the body from disorders that affect the nervous system. The Results of studies show that saffron compounds like Crocin appear reduce inflammation and oxidative damage in the nervous system and brain.

The treatment of seizure

In Iran herbal medicine, this sunshine spice is used as the remedy for seizure. Some biological modeling studies show that saffron could reduce the time of some kinds of seizures. However, doctors said that they need more data about the affectivity of saffron on seizure and also they need to test the safety of this magical spice.


There are some experiments that confirm saffron could be the natural treatment of ADHD. Unfortunately, these experiments are not enough for the medical science as a proof to accept the positive effects of saffron on ADHD cases. They need more accurate tests. However, herbal medicine uses it as a remedy for this symptom.

Eyesight improvement

Ancient doctors use saffron to help people with eyesight problems, and this sunshine spice help them to improve their eyesight and reduce their seeing problems. Experts decide to check this effect, but there is no scientific proof to accept it yet.

To prove a clinical effect on human bodies especial series of experiments needed on human cases. In other words, the clinical trials must have especial conditions.

Low the levels of blood sugar

In some case study, the levels of blood sugar reduce after adding saffron to the daily diet of the patients. This benefit of saffron needs more experiment in identified conditions. Additionally, according to the effect of saffron on weight loss and reduce appetite, it can help to lower the levels of blood sugar.

Improving memory

According to the effects of saffron on brain cells and this point that it helps the brain cells to improve themselves, scientists think that this golden spice could have positive effects on memory, especially in young ages. There is not enough proof to accept it and add this spice to the diet of the young students. This magical effect is still under the experiment.

Unknown effects of saffron

Saffron is very old it is a historical spice. From the past till today, experts study on it and the medicinal properties that it has. They can prove same of them. Some others still are tested and there are some unknown properties. Traditional medicines believe that new saffron benefits will discover.

There are some people who always ask the treatment of their health problem from the traditional medicines. They are afraid of using chemical medications, actually, they do not believe in the effect of chemical medications. Psychologists said these cases could not treat with chemical medications, because they do not believe that theses medications are good for their health. These kinds of people incredibly believe in the effect of natural herbs like saffron, even if there is no proof about that special health effect of the herb they accept to use it.

The time of using saffron

You may ask that is it important when uses saffron? Or should I use my saffron dosage at the specified time like other chemical drug?

The answer is the using time is important but there is no specified time or method to use this sunshine spice. Experts say that if you want to start an energetic and sunshine day, drink a cup of saffron tea in the morning.

When you want to fall asleep and experience calm, wonderful and relaxing sleep use you saffron dosage at night, before bed. That means the time you use saffron may change its effects on your body. In order to use your desire effect, it is better to divide your dosage and use it in different time of your day. When you have to use saffron for its medicinal properties and therapeutic effects, consult an expert or your doctor for the best using time.

The safe dosage of saffron

Experts prescribe to use at least 30 mg saffron per day. They said this amount could give you all beneficial effects of saffron stigmas. You should be careful about the saffron dosage, because too much amount of this sunshine spice could be poisoning and cause serious health problems. Doctors say at least 30 mg and at most 150 mg of this expensive spice per day is safe and let you use all health benefits of saffron threads.

If you want to add more saffron to your diet, ask your doctor first. If you use saffron regularly and now you decide to increase the usage amount, it is better to consult an expert. In addition, if you want to use saffron as a medication for your kid, it is better to ask a doctor, about using it or not, the dosage, the time and every concern.

Which types of saffron I should use as a medication?

Saffron has different types. These types have various categories based on their shape and quality. You may ask that which type of saffron is better for clinical use? Actually, the shape is not important, but the quality of saffron is one of the main points in using it in culinary use or clinical ones. The high quality saffron has more antioxidant activity and more active components. In other words, quality of saffron could affect the properties of it. The best quality of saffron belongs to Iranian saffron. If you want to be sure about your saffron and its quality, you should buy Iranian saffron. One of the best Iranian brands is called Ghaaneh saffron. You can order it here, from Queen of Flowers.

You can use any types of saffron. But the best quality belongs to the Sargol, Negin, Super Negin and Pushal. You can also use saffron powder, but you should check that which type of saffron grind and make the powder. In Ghaaneh saffron company, we use Negin and Super Negin saffron to make saffron powder.

How to use saffron as a medication?

You can add your saffron dosage to your beverages, foods or desserts. You can use saffron threads; you should put them under your tongue and enjoy the taste and aroma of saffron. You can brew your golden spice and make cold or hot drinks, like saffron tea or cocktails. You can add you brewed saffron to your white or red wine; white wine is a better choice. In addition, you can drink saffron water. Also, you can brew this golden spice in milk and drink it every night.

You can make saffron oil and use it to cook all your dishes. You can add this exotic spice to all your recipes. You also can use it in your dessert and make it a secret additive.

You also can use saffron extract, capsule or tablets.

As you see, there are uncountable ways to use saffron.

Limited cases

Saffron is a really profitable herb, but there are some limited conditions for using it. For example, experts prescribe, pregnant women should not use any saffron during the first 3 months of their pregnancy. In other cases like patients with digestive problems like ulcers, using saffron could increase the effect of the problem and cause more serious problems.

If you use especial medications and drugs or a have health problem, before start to use saffron, please consult your doctor or ask an expert. Like all medical drugs, saffron could cause harm, if it is in limited cases or use incorrectly.

Saffron effects on skin

Using saffron in your diet could help your skin to be healthier. You can also use saffron as a mask or cream. The compounds in saffron could affect skin cells and improve their health. You can combine this magical spice and different ingredients to make various masks with plenty of effects.

The nutritional profile of saffron affects your skin health. Choose the skin mask additives according to your skin type. Saffron has many different effects on the skin. You can buy them or make them yourself. It is not hard or complicated; you should just study a bit.

Hair health and saffron

When you use saffron, you can feel your hair become healthier. You also can use saffron hair mask or shampoo. The cosmetic industries start to make all types of saffron hair and skin masks, creams and shampoos. You can make them yourself at your home; you just need to know about your hair type and saffron effects. You should also study about additives.


Saffron is not just a spice; actually it is a really magical spice. It has unbelievable health effects. Some of these effects are proven ones and some of them do not proved yet. However, all known health effects of saffron are used in traditional medicine. You can add this spice to your diet and use the great health effect of it. There is a very important point about dosage of use. You should not use it too much. Like all herbal medications there are especial cases that called limited case, they should not use saffron with out experts consult. It is recommended to use this sunshine spice in safe amount to your daily diet and enjoy the awesome health benefits.


Which type of saffron is better to use as a medication?

The best type is the type with the highest quality; you should use Sargol or Super Negin saffron as a medication. These types have the highest amount of Carotenoid and bioactive components.

Can I use saffron for my kids?

Yes, saffron has great health effects and is useful in culinary, you can use it for your children too, but if you want to use it as a drug, it is better to ask a doctor first.

Which way of using saffron is better for medicinal use?

You can use saffron in many different ways as a drug, but the best way is adding it to your drinks. Saffron water and saffron with milk are the two more recommended types.

If I use saffron in my dishes can it affect my health?

Of course, using saffron in any ways would affect your health, not only your body health, but also your skin and hair health too.

How can I brew my spice?

It is better to use saffron powder or grind your spice, then add a pinch of powder to the cup of hot or warm water, wait for 10-15 minutes, now your brewed saffron is ready. You can also add your spice to some ice cubes and wait for 10 minutes. Experts recommend cold brewing.

How can I use saffron to have a healthier skin?

You can use it in your foods, beverages and desserts. You also can use it as a skin mask or cream.