saffron price in pakistan

Key Takeaways :

  • Pakistan & Saffron: Limited domestic production due to climate, but potential for future cultivation efforts or trade hub role.
  • Spice Crossroads: Pakistan’s location positions it to connect established saffron producers with regional markets.
  • Saffron’s Allure: Pricey but culturally significant in Pakistani cuisine, potentially reserved for celebrations or used regionally in unique ways.
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant

The most expensive spice in the world is called the red gold, that is saffron. Saffron has different types and quality. The price of the red gold depends on the type and quality. In this article, we are going to check saffron price and especially Iranian saffron price in Pakistan.

Why saffron has a high price?

There are many factors that affect the price of this magic spice. First, you should know that saffron is the stigmas of the beautiful purple Crocus Sativus flower. The cultivation, harvesting and processing of these stigmas should be manual and need skilled workers. In addition, the growing conditions of this magical herb are especial and people cannot grow it everywhere.

Growing conditions

The growing conditions are important because they would affect the quality of saffron and cause differences in the price. Almost 85 percent of saffron that is used around the world is grown and produced in Iran. Irani saffron has different quality, but the best quality of saffron is Iranian saffron. In the world, the most expensive saffron is Iranian saffron due to its quality.

The Iran climate and weather has the most proper conditions to cultivate saffron.

Today, saffron is grown in Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Spain. You may also hear about Italian, Greek, and Moroccan saffron, but the production is not enough for the use of their country and also the quality of their saffron is not acceptable, they import saffron too. Iran exports Iranian saffron all around the world, even the countries that produce saffron, because the amount of their production is not enough.

The growing conditions affect the quality of saffron. In other words, the strength of color and aroma of saffron are affected by the growing conditions. The more effective properties, the higher quality of saffron. The higher quality, the higher price.

Saffron types

Saffron has various types based on the processing method. You can see the Sargol, Super Negin, Negin, Pushal, Daste, Powder, Konj, in saffron types. Sargol, Negin, and Super Negin are all-red saffron. In these types, only the red part of the stigmas separated. These types have higher price due to this point. The Konj has only the root part and has an orange color that is why this type is the cheapest one.

Most people prefer to use Super Negin, Negin and Pushal saffron.

Types of Packaging

The packaging of saffron affects its price and also its properties during the time. The best packaging for this sunshine spice is a metal or glass container, while some producers use plastic and paper packaging to reduce the price. Be careful if you want to store your saffron you need the best packaging.

There are also some lux packages of saffron that are called the gift box or gift saffron.

The price of saffron in Pakistan

As we mentioned above, different factors affect the zafran price that is why we cannot determine a fixed price. Today, in 2024 the price of saffron in Pakistan is 3 $ per gram and 1550 $ per kilo. These prices could change due to the quality and buying conditions, wholesale or retail. The Iranian saffron has the highest price, but considering the neighbouring countries of Iran and Pakistan, the Iranian saffron price is cheaper than other parts of the world.

Where to buy saffron?

Due to the price of saffron and profitable trading conditions of it, there are lots of frauds in this trading. You should recognize the real saffron and know the types and quality of it.

There are lots of online shops to buy saffron, but it is better to buy your saffron from trusted sellers. The Ghaaneh saffron brand produces almost all types of saffron from the finest quality of Iranian saffron, you can buy your saffron from this bran all around the world.


The price of saffron depends on different factors and conditions. Saffron is an agricultural product that means each year the price of this product could be changed. Due to all these points there is no fixed price for saffron. You can contact us and ask about the price of this golden spice today.


Is it better to buy saffron in Bulk or retail?

It depends on your usage amount. Buying in wholesale has the advantage of the cheaper price but you should ask yourself could you store them well, or you use this amount in 6 months.

Can I buy saffron powder?

If you know trusted sellers you would better buy powders, but if you do not know any trusted producers or do not recognize the high quality saffron it is better to buy threads and make the ground saffron yourself. The Ghaaneh saffron brand uses Negin and Super Negin saffron to make saffron powder, that mean you can buy the powder of saffron of this brand for sure.

Is there cheaper saffron?

You may find cheaper saffron in shops and online shops, but be careful they may be fake saffron or bad quality ones.