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Saffron in France: Prices & Local Shop Review

Saffron is the secret of most famous chefs recipes. France is the dreamy taste kingdom. The chefs of France are so famous and they should use saffron in their recipes. French restaurants are the saffron users they buy saffron in bulk. The golden spice is one of the most important ingredients in the famous French stews. As you understand, saffron is a famous and popular spice in France.

What is saffron and what are their usages in France?

Saffron is the stigmas of the purple flower that is called Crocus Sativus or Crocus flower. These stigmas are the threads of the most expensive spice all around the world.

The saffron threads are processed to make different types of this magic spice. The stigmas have the red part that called threads or strand and the root part, which is yellow. The processes on these stigmas are cutting and drying the stigmas. The red part is more expensive. The types with only the red part are more expensive.

French people use saffron in different ways.

Culinary use

There are lots of French foods and desserts that need saffron to have their special taste, like the famous French Bouillabaisse. French chefs use saffron in food and cooking, this golden spice gives a fragrant aroma and colouring to food.

Saffron is used as the secret of the delicious recipes.

Restaurants and food industry would buy saffron for using in their products.

Cosmetic use

The French cosmetics are very famous. The cosmetic industries need saffron as a main raw material to make lipstick, nail polish, facemasks, shampoo, and other cosmetics.

There are also some people who make masks, and shampoos for themselves at home.


Saffron has an exotic aroma that has been used as a perfume in the past. Today, Perfume industries use it as an essence to make various perfumes.

Other usage

There are other uses of saffron in France, like medicinal use. The health benefits of saffron make it one of the great materials to make the medications. In traditional medicine, saffron is used as a great treatment foe many different diseases due to the health benefits it has.

The factors of the price of saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. The high price of the golden spice has many reasons. These reasons cause changes in saffron price each year. For example, the agricultural conditions will change every year. The labor costs a lot in this trade and it has a great increase these years.

The demand is important too. When the demand for a product increases, its price increases too. These years the demand for saffron has a great growth and affects the price all over the world.

The other important point in saffron price is that you can find a range for this price. It is because of different quality and the types of saffron. The best saffron with the highest quality is Persian saffron. In other word, Iranian saffron is the most expensive one.

Saffron types

The stigmas of a crocus flower harvest manually and process to make saffron we know. The simplest process is for the Pushal and Daste saffron. In Daste saffron long threads with yellow and the red part gathered like a bunch and dried. The quality of this type is not bad usually.

The Pushal saffron has the red and yellow part, but this type would have the smooth threads. This type usually has a good quality and it is very popular due to its shape. Frauds cannot make fake saffron like the Pushal.

The most famous saffron type called Super Negin, it is the best kinds of Negin saffron. Super Negin has high quality and in its threads you can see just the red part. The saffron strands in this type are smooth, red and has no burn or break. This type is expensive, and if you want to buy it you should know saffron and could recognize it to avoid fake saffron.

Sargol saffron has the best quality. In this type, the first centimeter of the red part separated and dried. This type is the most expensive saffron with the highest saffron karat.

You should also find saffron powder, Konj and other types. The Ghaaneh saffron brand has the best quality of all types of saffron and offers a great price for you.

Saffron price in France

Today, in 2024, the saffron price in France is between $1,608 and $2,436 per kilo, and between $7.29 and $11.05 per pound. The price of this golden spice per gram is between 7.59 to 9 euros in France.

The kilo price is for whom buy saffron in bulk; usually industries and restaurant buy wholesale their materials.

Where to buy saffron in France?

Saffron it is not very usual in French shops and local shops. You should look for it to find. There are some shops that sell it, of course, but it is not a common spice in the stores. Maybe buying saffron from online shops in France is easier than finding it in shops.

Try to find trusted online shops. Ask them about the quality, type, price, shipping policy, and everything you need to know about saffron. Before buying this expensive spice read and search about it, try to recognize real saffron.

In online shops you should find the licenses, ISOs, standards, and the lab tests on their website. You should also check the other consumers and their ideas.

After checking these entire thing buy your red gold. You can find and check all the above factors for the Ghaaneh saffron brand and buy the great quality of Iranian saffron from this brand.

Ghaaneh brand has economic packs and saffron powder. The powder is made from the Negin and Super Negin saffron. The economic packs offer you the great Iranian saffron with a reasonable price.

Local shops in France

There are great supermarkets and local shops in France that you can find and buy your saffron from them. Here is a review of the most famous of them.


Auchan is a retail chain store that supports near 2000 location all around France. This market is one of the largest one in France and that help them to provide competitive pricing.


This is another large retail chain grocery store that has more than 5000 retail locations in France. It is the ninth largest retailer in the world. Today, it has retail chain branches all around the world.

Grand Frais

One of the oldest network supermarkets in France is Grand Frais it started from 1992, and it is famous for its fresh products and the necessary products from all around the world. You can find all foodstuffs and anything you need for your recipes in there.


The name of this supermarket is the general-commercial French supermarket brand name That is a subsidiary of the famous and large retail group named Les Mousquetaires. This business established in 1969 under the name of EX Office by Jean-Pierre Le Roche, and in 1972 the name changed to Intermarche. Today, this brand has near 2000 stores around France. You can find and buy saffron there.


One of the oldest hypermarket chains that established in France in 1949. Leclerec is considered to be one of the most affordable supermarkets in France, with over 700 outlets around the country.


In France you can find Spanish saffron too. Do not forget that Iranian saffron has the best quality and Iran is the largest producer of saffron. Saffron has many benefits and wonderful properties that experts recommend to add it to your daily diet. Of course the high quality has better effects, but you should add it to your diet first. Buy saffron and use it, then after some weeks you will see its magical effects on your health. After you use saffron for the first time, you cannot stop using it.


How can I use saffron?

You can add it to your food, beverages and desserts. The best way of using saffron is drinking saffron water or tea. You can also make saffron face and hair masks it has awesome effects on them.

Is there any limitation for using saffron?

Yes, there are some prohibited conditions. If you want to use saffron as a medicine, it is better to consult your doctor. There is also a limited amount; you should not use more than 150 mg of saffron each day. It could be toxic.

Can I buy saffron in bulk for my daily use?

More than 200 grams of saffron could be wholesale. You can buy the amounts of saffron that you should use in a year. Be careful, you need to know about storing method and shelf life of saffron.


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