saffron market in dubai
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

The luxurious high-rise hotels fancy cars, and of course, the most exotic spices in the world; are all found easily in Dubai. The capital of the UAE can fascinate everybody of different ages and tastes. If Iran is the main producer of saffron with 90% of the total production of the golden spice, the UAE could now be considered the main hub of saffron business globally. Let us review what is going on in the saffron market in Dubai.

In the UAE, saffron is not a luxury spice; it is a necessary ingredient of Arabic tea which is drunk several times a day, as well as a ubiquitous condiment to the variety of Arabic traditional dishes. Also, a large community of foreigners including Chinese, Iranians, and Indians consumes, and at the same time, does spice business in Dubai. Italian and Spanish restaurants will surely offer you dishes in their menu that saffron has given them a dreamy flavor. Therefore, you can witness a wide variety of qualities and packages of saffron in even cozy supermarkets, as if it is the most sought-after product in the city. Such a variety makes finding high-quality saffron a relatively tough challenge.

Dubai Spice Souk

The Dubai Souk (the city’s traditional market) is a vibrant traditional market in the Deira neighborhood, where many energetic “merchants are keen to tell you about the spices and how they are used”.

Most tourists in Dubai walk to Souk in which you can find lots of spices stores. The combination of the spices and dried fruits collected from almost around the world would be an inspiration sources in your cooking.  Souk is a kind of Spice Heaven on which the most expensive jewel is the saffron.

Haggling is a routine and normal treatment by buyers in traditional Middle Eastern markets, especially because there is no label on the products. One of the common complaints of tourists who visit the Souk is that the process of haggling is time-consuming and not too fruitful. Also, there are many reports from tourists in Dubai bazaar on their confusion when they see very different saffron products. There is also the risk of buying a blend of old and new crop, while all merchants claim that they are selling the new crop.

Saffron in retail chain

Packaged saffron with a price tag can be found in large chain stores such as Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket. The advantage of these kind of  large stores is that they provide you with a variety of products  and prices and as a result, they offer you more power of choice, but commuting to these crowded shopping centers and seaching inside them can still take a lot of a time and money, especially in the context of Dubai.

Why wander around?

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Dubai has many attractions. If you have ample time and much experience in buying spices and saffron, buying saffron from the traditional Dubai spice market will be a fascinating experience for you. But If you want to spend your time in more fun activities, Queen of Flowers can proudly deliver a variety of high-quality packaged saffron to you in front of your hotel room based on your taste and needs. Just see our products at Ghaaneh Saffron and choose and place an order. We know the pulse of the saffron market in Dubai and global scale. So, no doubt, we can serve you by offering the fairest and most competitive prices.