thandai hot drink with saffron
Written by Vahid Epagloo, Food Consultant Updated:

There are many different beverages, dishes and desserts with saffron. You can add this spice to them or remove it from the recipe. But if you test your recipes with saffron once, you will always use it. We can claim that this is one of saffron magical properties. We are going to check three most famous hot drinks with saffron and give you the best recipes for them.

Saffron drinks

There are various saffron drinks. You can almost add saffron to all your drinks, but there are especial drinks that are made by saffron. That means with saffron is one of the main ingredients in them.

You can serve the saffron beverages hot or cold. In this article we want to check the recipes of three famous saffron hot beverages. You can make these drinks at home.

Saffron has many benefits for body, skin and hair. You can use all these benefits by drinking saffron beverages. You can choose hot or cold drinks; it depends on your taste and has no effect on the health benefits of saffron. You also can also choose when drink these beverages, we explain the differences, but it depends on you and the effects you want.

Saffron tea

The most famous and simplest saffron drink is saffron tea. You can make this glorious tea and serve it at the especial occasions; you also can drink this beverage in your family gathering, or even in the morning before starting your day.

In order to make hot saffron tea, you need saffron threads. You can use saffron powder, but we recommend using spice grinder and making ground saffron yourself. If you like the appearance of the threads of saffron in your cup, do not grind your expensive spice.

Add a pinch saffron to hot water and wait 7-8 minutes to your spice brew and release its golden color and exotic aroma. Pour your tea in the cup, and if you want, you can add some lemon juice and 1 Tsp honey. You may want to add sugar, there is no problem, but it is better to use saffron tea with honey.

There are many different additives that you can add to your cup of saffron tea, like cinnamon, cardamom, rose water or rose flower petals, and ginger. You can also put mint leaves in the cup to decorate your tea and enjoy the saffron and mint combination. You can add all kinds of tea like black, white and green tea to this drink. However, the green tea and saffron is more common and more profitable.

If you hear about saffron water, you would know that saffron water is the saffron tea that is served cold.


Thandai is a delicious Indian beverage that is served at the festival of color of the India, the Holi.

You need different nuts and seeds to make this beverage. You should add nuts like almond, pistachios, and pine nuts and seeds like poppy seeds, sunflower seeds to the drink. You may also need black peppercorns and rose petals and rose water.

First you should mix all the nuts and seeds with black peppercorn, then pour boiling water on them and wait for the night. They will soften in the water. You should also brew your saffron in warm water. You can use saffron strands or powder.

Now put a pan on the medium heat and pour milk, then add the nuts with soaking water, simmer the mixture to boil with the medium heat. Then remove the heat and add the brewed saffron and sugar or honey. You can also add saffron strands now. Then after 3-4 minutes, you should blend this mixture and add rose water. Finally, you could pour this in the cups and decorate with rose petals. Your Thandai is ready. It is really a luxury drink.

Saffron Cognac

It is not totally hot drink, but as you know, cognac serves warm without ice cubes. This is an alcoholic drink that has many fans.

You can brew your magical spice and add it to your cognac. You can also use the cognac to brew saffron, add 3-4 saffron strands to 2 tablespoons of cognac, and wait for 10 minutes. Then pour cognac in this mixture. Now you can serve the saffronish cognac.


There is no difference in cold or hot brewing saffron, some sources believe that cold brewing is more effective and in this kind of brewing the saffron releases the maximum color and aroma.

If you want to use saffron powder, it is better to use spice grinder and make ground saffron yourself.

You can add the desired additives to the saffron drinks, but before doing that check the taste of them together.

You can add warm spices to the saffron drinks too, they could improve the taste.

Saffron drinks, hot or cold?

Actually, it depends on you and your taste. In addition, you should think where you want to serve this drink.

As you know, saffron could brew in the ice cube. When you want to use cold saffron drinks you can brew it in the ice cubes and add them to your beverage.

Warm drinks like saffron tea or saffron milk could be better for calmness and well sleep.


There are various drinks with saffron, all of them are great to use saffron and take its awesome benefits. You could choose between them, you see, this is a magical drug you even can choose how to use it. You can make the drinks with your own taste. This is the sunshine spice due to these great properties and the wonderful recipes.


Can I use saffron drinks at home?

Yes, almost all saffron drinks have simple recipes that everyone can make them at their cuisine.

Is the quality and type of saffron important in making saffron drinks?

Yes, it is better to use the best quality of saffron in making these kinds of drinks. You can use any types of saffron to make beverages. You can brew your spice or use its threads. If you want to see the threads in your cup, use them, and when you do not like the view of the strands on the cup, use ground saffron.

When should I use saffron drinks?

You can use them any time of the day. You can drink saffron tea in the morning, you can serve the Thandai in the evening party or special occasions, and you can use any of them at night, before bed. There is no limitation, you can use anytime you want and enjoy the taste and aroma and also use all saffron benefits.