brief history of saffron

The Amazing Story of Saffron: When it all Begins!

Everything and everyone has its own history, but no one knows how and when the history of saffron begins. They just believe that this long journey starts from Iran. The golden spice has a really long journey, it starts in Iran continues to all around the world till today. Are you ready to hear a short story of this journey?

Finding saffron

Ancestors said that the beautiful saffron purple flower found in the west filed of Iran. No one knows that who find this flower, maybe a lover find this and due to its beauty and dreamy aroma pick it for his love. Maybe after that people were trying to grow this flower and find the magic of the stigmas that are hidden in the middle of the petals.

In ancient times, spices are really important. There was no fridge and the storing and keeping method is possible just by the spices like salt. At this time saffron arose and could add wonderful aroma and taste to the stored food and also can help people keeping their food.

Arab traders introduce this luxury spice to the world for the first time. They bring the golden spice to Europe and saffron became the most expensive spice in the world. This spice started to be the spice of the royal families.

The application from the past to today

The first properties of saffron that found in the past was its fragrant aroma. It is used as the perfume. The story said that Neuron the famous Rome king used this aromatic spice in the special occasion. He ordered to spay this spice in the city when he wants to enter that city.

In some royal courts, the color of saffron is more usable, they were used this golden yellow color to write their correspondence. The ancient tailors and weavers used this spice as a fabric dye for the silks. Saffron has a great coloring power and it is a natural dye, these two were the best features foe coloring fabrics in those days.

The chefs started to use this exotic spice in their culinary dishes for the royal parties and festivals. Soon, the saffron became the secret of traditional dishes.This spice adds taste, aroma and color to the dishes.

Potential health benefits of saffron

No one knows, who, when and how understood about the health benefits of saffron. Sources said that traditional medicines and herbal experts used this spice as a treatment for many diseases from the past.

Traditional medicines used saffron as drug and prescribe it for diseases like heart problem, mental problems and some unknown problems like cancer. They do not know why and how saffron could help patients, but they could see that it is an effective treatment. They understand that they found the powerful spice with medicinal properties.

There are stories about Cleopatra, the most beautiful queen in the world. The stories said that she used saffron for her beauty. They said that she took saffron and milk bath everyday and wash her black velvet hair with saffron. Queens and kings used this spice to make their skin and hair brilliant.

Today, experts test the features of saffron and find the antioxidant properties and many great benefits of this exotic spice.

Why saffron is a royal spice

Saffron could not grow all around the world. In the past, saffron has grown just in Iran and some countries of Asia; it should be exported to the world by the Silk Road. These things made a high price of saffron that means ordinary people could not buy it. It became the coveted spice to them.

Today saffron is the most expensive spice, but the export method and the growing technology change, it means that there are more saffron all around the world and there are more saffron producers. But real saffron still has the high price due to the growing conditions. Although, saffron has the highest price between spices, almost all people could buy it today.

Nowadays, saffron is not just spice; it is used in many industries to produce different products. All properties of saffron are used these days. Maybe next century, people find more benefits and properties of this exotic spice.


The most expensive spice or the red gold has come a long way to reach today. There are many stories and claims about it. People have beliefs about this spice, but still there is no beginning. When is the first crocus flowers started to germinate? Who made this awesome gift for human beings? These are the secrets of saffron life and story, but it is still an exciting story.


Is this spice still used as the dye and perfume?

Yes, today the industries use this spice as the raw material for their product. There are saffron perfumes and perfumes that saffron used in making them. The saffron golden yellow color is used in industries as a natural dye. These industries used the powdered form of this spice; it is cheaper and more applicable to their use.

What are the other usages of saffron?

It is a great spice and use in the foods, beverages and desserts. This spice has also many medicinal uses.

What is the best use of saffron?

The best way to use the golden spice is using it as saffron tea. You should add some saffron threads to hot water and make your tea.

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