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Royal Yellows Pushal Saffron (5gr)

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  • (5 grams) Premium Saffron Threads | Pushal Threads
  • All-Natural, Premium Category 1 Saffron
  • Lab Tested Saffron, high levels of Safranal (Aroma), Picocrocin (Flavor), and Crocin (Color)
  • Premium Saffron, Super Negin grade is known for potency for both Culinary and Medicinal Applications.
  • Not All Saffron is created equal, Queen of Flowers Saffron sources the worlds highest quality saffron threads by rigorously testing Saffron according to ISO 3632 standards.
  • Queen of Flowers Saffron partnered farmers produce Saffron unlike anywhere else in the world. The elusive blend of Soil, Topography, and Growing techniques handed from generation to generation produce only the finest grade Saffron.
  • Known as the “Golden Spice,” Saffron is a healing spice that is used among foodies and those looking to benefit from all the Health Benefits.
  • Product of Iran
  • Enthusiastic & Dynamic Company

Saffron Packages


Pure Persian Saffron Threads


Central and Southern Khoraassaan, Iran

hand picked saffron


Harvested by hand, plucked and processed by hand, naturally dried at low temperatures, several rounds of cleaning all by hand and filaments are then sorted according to size and standards.

Saffron Wholesale


Sweet, floral, and vibrant. A nuanced blend of earthy and floral tones that promises a rich flavor, even with just a few strands.

Best Served With

Rice, seafood, meat, baked goods, soups and drinks.

What Makes Ghanneh Saffron Different

How Much Do I Need?

First time buying saffron, you don’t know how much you need and how long it will last?

half a gram of saffron is how much teaspoons

0.5 gr =

1 tsp


servings of rice saffron

paella mixta saffron serving


servings of paella mixta

whipped cream saffron serving


servings of whipped cream

half a gram of saffron is how much teaspoons

1 gr =

2 tsp


servings of rice saffron

paella mixta saffron serving


servings of paella mixta

whipped cream saffron serving


servings of whipped cream

half a gram of saffron is how much teaspoons

2 gr =

4 tsp


servings of rice saffron

paella mixta saffron serving


servings of paella mixta

whipped cream saffron serving


servings of whipped cream


Our Pushal Saffron is Some of the Highest Quality Saffron in the World!

Risk free purchase, Pushal saffron has a lower fraud rate because of it’s distinctive appearance.

In Pushal Saffron, red stigmas with the yellow/white tail are easy to spot and hard to replicate. What makes pushal saffron so inexpensive is the presence of cream, which can vary depending on the ratio of cream and stigma, the height, thickness, and curliness of Pooshal strings.

Although it is less likey to happen, but even in this type of saffron, fraud occurs, so the best choice is to buy Pushal saffron from a reputable source such as Queen of Flowers.

The Pushal saffron that we offer has the following standards:
1. Crocin (staining power) about 240
2. Safranal (taste and smell) about 60
3. picrocrocin (bitterness) about 95
4. humidity below 6%

Pushal saffron is dried to produce thick, crimson strands that typically have both red and yellow components.
Due to the cream content, it has a lower coloring strength than Sargol and Negin saffron, ranging from 170 to 250 degrees. However, it is more pigmented than Daste/Bunch saffron.
Poushal saffron’s coloring ability for cooking is generally good.
Additionally, Pooshal saffron has less crocin and safranal relative to Negin saffron and other varieties of saffron.
The three quality grades of pushal saffron are often determined by the number of curly strands, the amount of cream adhering to it, and the size of the saffron threads.

royal yellows pushal saffron 5 gr

Due to the lower price of Pushal saffron rather than other types of saffron, it’s usually used for the production of various products in confectioneries and factories, as well as in-home cooking. Also, because it is easier to buy original Pooshal saffron, people prefer to buy it. Among the uses of Pushal saffron, the following can be mentioned.
• Use in ice cream factories and saffron syrups
• Used in the kitchen of restaurants to prepare a variety of foods and rice

The price of original saffron depends on various factors, including the type of saffron, its quality, and purity, the number of intermediary sellers, the place where saffron is grown, and the reputation of the saffron supplier, etc.
But the type and quality of saffron is the most important factor in determining its price.
The price of Pushal saffron varies from other types of saffron, such as Negin saffron, Super Negin saffron, and Sargol saffron, because there is some root along with the saffron stigma, and the price of root (cream) is much cheaper than the stigma.
Depending on its quality level, Poushal saffron is sold at different prices. The taller and thicker the stigmas, the higher the ratio of red stigmas, and the less broken stigmas and saffron powder, the higher the price.

Saffron is not more expensive per ounce than gold but Queen of Flowers promises to make it affordable for the every day chef. Sold by the gram or in bulk quantities by weight!

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Royal Yellows




5 grams

Saffron is a highly prized and expensive spice derived from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower. It is known for its distinct flavor, aroma, and vibrant golden color. When used correctly, saffron can enhance the taste, fragrance, and visual appeal of various dishes.

Here's a guide on how to use saffron and the best way to extract its beautiful color :

Choosing high-quality saffron

Look for saffron threads that are deep red in color, with a slight orange tint. Avoid pale or yellowish threads as they might be of lower quality or fake saffron. you can find out more with our guide about real saffron vs fake saffron.

How to Use Saffron

  1. Soaking saffron: Before using saffron, it is essential to soak it in a liquid to release its color and flavor. Warm water, milk, or broth are commonly used for soaking. The general rule is to use one teaspoon of saffron threads for every half cup of liquid. Allow the saffron to steep for at least 20-30 minutes or until the liquid turns a vibrant yellow or gold color.
  2. Grinding saffron: To maximize the color and flavor, you can grind the soaked saffron threads into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder. This will help distribute the saffron evenly throughout the dish.
  3. Infusing saffron: Saffron can be infused into various liquids to extract its color and aroma. Add the soaked saffron or saffron powder to warm milk, water, or broth and let it steep for some time. This infused liquid can then be added to your recipe.
  4. Using saffron in cooking: Saffron is a versatile spice that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. It pairs well with rice, seafood, poultry, desserts, and beverages.

about our saffron ghaaneh brand

Recipes with saffron :

  •  Rice: Saffron is commonly used to add a vibrant yellow color and delicate flavor to rice dishes like paella, biryani, and pilaf. Simply add a pinch of saffron to the cooking liquid and let it infuse while the rice cooks.
  •  Soups and stews: Enhance the color and flavor of your soups and stews by adding a small amount of saffron-infused liquid. It works especially well in seafood-based soups or creamy vegetable soups.
  •  Desserts: Saffron can give a unique touch to desserts like custards, ice creams, and cakes. Add a pinch of saffron-infused liquid to the dessert mixture to impart a beautiful color and subtle flavor.
  •  Beverages: Saffron is often used to make aromatic teas, hot milk beverages, and refreshing summer drinks. Steep a few strands of saffron in hot water or milk, and sweeten to taste.

Remember, saffron is potent, and a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and adjust according to your taste preferences. It's crucial to store saffron in a cool, dark place in an airtight container to preserve its flavor and color.

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