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Best Saffron Supplement in 2024: Review & Top Pick

Saffron has lots of health benefits. The stigmas of the Crocus Sativus flower is not just spice, these stigmas are used as drug. This expensive spice could be the treatment of many diseases. Due to the medicinal benefits, you may use it with other supplements. In this article, Queen of Flowers researches for the best saffron supplements.

The Saffron Health Benefits

Traditional medicine and herbal experts believe that saffron could effect on health and also could be the remedy for many diseases. They prescribe it for years. Nowadays, Doctors and scientists try to test its benefits and effects. The results of the experiments show that saffron could be a great drug and should use as a medicine. Many Pharmaceutical industries used it to make different drugs. These industries use saffron extract to make their medications.

As you know, it is an herb and natural plant that means using it has no harm. Most of the patients after treatment have to encounter the chemical medicine harms, while using this magical spice has no harm.

Saffron is a great and effective treatment for health problems like depression, anxiety, cancer, heart and vascular system, and PMS. This expensive spice could also improve mood, eyesight and the brain applications. Experts also proved that it could help lose weight and improve mood. Using the golden spice would make your days brilliant. There is a belief that say if you use saffron daily, you will be healthy and always in a good mood.

People use different kinds and types of saffron. Saffron has different types like Sargol, Negin, Super Negin, Pushal, Daste, Root and powder. You can use these types or use saffron extract. There is no difference which one you use, the only point is that you should find, buy and use the real one, not fake saffron.

Finding saffron extract is not easy industries do not sell it. Actually, these companies used saffron extract as their main raw material and they do not sell it as a product. Making saffron extract is not simple, and people cannot make it at their home.

saffron supplement benefits

Using Saffron as a Treatment

You can use saffron in your diet. You can add it to your food, desserts or beverages. There are many delicious recipes with saffron. Experts prescribe to use saffron as beverage when you need it as a treatment. In order to get the best effect, ask about the time and the amount of saffron usage.

How Much Saffron Can You Use Per Day?

The minimum amount of saffron that can bring the health effect of it is about 30 mg. The maximum amount of the safe usage is about 150 mg. Experts prescribe the dosage based on the health problem and the patient’s conditions. It is better to consult your doctor before use it as a treatment.

The Time Of Saffron Usage

You may hear that if you want to start an energetic day, drink saffron beverages in the morning, and if you want to have a relax sleep drink saffron beverages before bed. This phrase shows the different effect of the time of using saffron.

For example, if someone uses this golden spice as an antidepressant, it is better to divide its dosage to his\her day, to have a good mood during all day. Due to these effects, experts believe that the time of using saffron is very important.

Different Kinds Of Saffron

You can use different kind of saffron, each of these kinds has supplement, which one is better? The answer depends on many different things, like the experts, the reason of using, and the kinds of saffron you use, the time and the amount.

Some people use the saffron threads. They think using the natural type of saffron is the best choice. They should add these threads to drinks, foods or beverages.

Some other ones used the saffron capsules, which provide by the pharmacological industries. These saffron capsules are the good choice for the patients who think that in order to treat his\her health problem, he\she should use drugs. These kinds of people have no beliefs on natural remedies. Using the natural drugs like saffron or turmeric could help them, but due to their mental beliefs their problem does not cure. This is some neural problem in the body.

Some other people use saffron extract. They believe that using saffron extract is more effective than using it as spice or use it threads naturally. As you see, all of these depend on the peoples’ beliefs. Now you may ask, which one is correct? That is the exact question.

What scientists prescribe?

Clinical studies show that the antioxidant properties and active ingredients of saffron would cause potential health benefits. That means using this sunshine spice could be the treatment of many diseases. Using it in the daily routine would give the saffron benefits to your body.

On the other hand, clinical trials proved using it in any kinds, like natural or saffron extract could be effective and helpful. Scientists prescribe to use the safe amount of it in your daily diet, they do not say this kind is better than that, they believe in saffron as a wonderful healthy spice.

What about saffron supplement?

When you need saffron supplement you should choose the kinds of saffron you use. There are natural and chemical supplements for this sunshine spice.

For example, you may use saffron for the symptoms of depression, you can use antidepressant drugs as saffron supplements. Another example is using saffron as aid in weight loss, in this case it is better to add dietary supplement. In below paragraphs, we check some of these supplements.

Saffron extract

The producers of saffron extracts introduce many different extracts as the best supplement. Before buy or use these supplement extracts consult your doctor. They may claim that they use natural ingredients in their extracts, yet, we suggest you to consult your doctor, or at least ask an expert.

Saffron capsules

It is better to use these capsules with water not other beverages. Plain water could be the great saffron supplement in this case. Be careful about the dosage of these saffron capsules. If the dosage is more than 75 mg, do not use more than one in a day. It would be great if you consult a doctor or experts before start using the saffron capsules. Ask them about the time and the amount of usage per day. Also, you would better check the allergic conditions and how to stop allergic actions.

Saffron threads

You could add many natural supplements in this case. When you use saffron threads, ask yourself that you want to use it in which types, and ask yourself that you want to use it in beverages, foods or desserts. After answering these questions, you could choose the best saffron supplements.

Using the threads of saffron

You can put 2 or 3 threads under your tongue and eat them. The taste of saffron threads is bitter but not annoyed. These threads taste like coffee. And the exotic aroma of them, you would love that. This is the simplest way to use saffron, but it is not recommended.

Using saffron in beverages

You can use saffron in any beverages like any kinds of wine, water, tea, milk, and syrups.

The best and most recommended saffron supplement in beverages is milk. Milk has much potential benefit, and the point is that these benefits could add to the potential health benefits of saffron and the final mixture is more effective. Adding milk and saffron to your daily diet means that you add the healthiest part to your diet.

Many people believe that the best saffron supplement is water. They add their spice to the water and drink it. Clinical trials show that saffron in water is effective and great for your health, but it is not the best supplement.

There are other people who drink saffron in wine. The exact amount of wine per day is recommended, you can add your magical spice to it, and drink. It is not bad or dangerous, but is not recommended by the experts too. However, experts say that if this is the only way you use saffron, continue it.

There are also some people who use saffron tea, or add saffron to different kinds of tea. You may say using saffron tea and drinking saffron water are the same that is correct if you do not add other saffron supplement to your saffron tea.

Using saffron tea

You can add saffron in any kinds to all kinds of tea each of them has supplements. If you want to drink saffron water as tea, you can add many natural supplements like cardamom, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, fresh mint leaves, sugar, and honey. We can say that one of the best natural saffron supplements is honey.

Use white, black and green tea, as saffron supplement is common too. The most beneficial tea that we can add saffron to is green tea. The black tea is not a very profitable tea; most experts counsel not to use it, or not to use it much.

The white tea is one of common remedy for stomach problems, while it is said that people with stomach problems should not use saffron. It means that if you have a problem with your digestive system like ulcer, using saffron can cause serious problems. However, green tea is a profitable tea, which use for weight loses or relaxation, and adding saffron to this tea could double its healthy effects.

Using saffron in foods

Saffron is a great spice that is famous for its fragrant aroma, it adds to food recipes to make them more delicious. You can use it in almost all recipes. If you want to add this magical drug to your diet, add it to your food recipes. There is no limitation. You can use its awesome properties in this way.

The most common food with saffron is rice, like Basmati, Risotto, Paella and Tahchin.

Using saffron in desserts

Almost all desserts have milk in their recipes. That means you can add saffron to the milk, as we mentioned above, milk is one of the best saffron supplements. In the other worlds, if you want to use saffron in your dessert, it has the great supplement.

There are also some desserts that have no milk in their recipes; you can use saffron in these kinds of dessert with the supplements in their recipes. You can also add a natural supplement to some recipes.

Use saffron in your diet

Experts believe that using saffron could help you to improve your health. They prescribe using saffron in your daily diet, in any recipes. They counsel use saffron every day, be careful about its amount and the limited cases. You can use it with many different supplements, some of them strengthen its benefits, while some weaken them, and there are also some neutral supplements.

Choosing between these supplements depends on you, your health conditions, and your taste. You can use it your own way, or ask experts to achieve the best result. The important point is adding and using this wonderful spice in your diet.

It is important to use real saffron and avoid the fake ones. In addition, try to buy high quality saffron. The quality of saffron could affect its properties. Clinical studies show using fake saffron could be harmful. If you want to use saffron search for the real one and high quality, do not forget that you are paying for your health.

Who to recognize real saffron

There are many different ways that you can recognize real saffron. There are some exact tests to specify the real saffron. There are also specified experiments to test the quality of saffron. These tests need special equipment and method. In other worlds, you cannot do these tests at your home. However, there are some home tests that could show the realty and quality of saffron. We explain some of them here for you.


Real saffron stigmas have the shape like a trumpet, wide head and narrow end. They are about 3 centimeters long. You can recognize this shape by looking at them in the package.


If you push saffron threads between your fingers, you can see that your fingers get the yellow color of the spice. If you do this and your finger did not get yellow or get another color, it is not real spice.


When you brew saffron threads, it takes at least 8 minutes to release the color. If the spice releases its color in less than 8 minutes, it is fake saffron.


Real saffron tastes like a good coffee, it has a delightful bitterness. When you put a thread under your tongue you can feel this taste. If you feel any other tastes, do not buy and use this saffron.


Smell the spice in the package; the fragrant aroma of this spice could be released from the package. If you do not smell saffron before it is better to ask someone who knows this aroma, it is not explainable.


If you find some cheap saffron do not hesitate, it is not a real one. The real and good quality saffron has a high price. Due to this price it is called the red gold. This spice is as expensive as the gold, and because of its red color producers give the name of red gold to it.

Avoid fake saffron

Almost all saffron users ask how to avoid fake saffron and frauds? There are some ways to avoid fake spice. You should learn about how to recognize real saffron. Sea®ch about fraud and their methods.

In addition, you should buy your saffron from trusted sellers or buy your expensive spice from the farmer. Before order and buy the spice, check the sellers resume, read the costumer’s ideas, ask other users. Search before buying, and order with trust.


Saffron is one of the most profitable spices in the world. You can use it in all kinds, like threads, capsules and saffron extract. It is common to use saffron with all kinds of beverages, desserts and foods. You can consult your doctor about who to use this magical spice.

When we talk about the best natural supplement we can name milk and honey. They could strengthen the effect of this sunshine spice. There are many supplements for the saffron extract, in order to use the best one ask an expert or your doctor.


What if I don not use any saffron supplements?

Saffron itself is beneficial and if you use it with no supplements you can use its benefits, especially health benefits.

What is the best supplement of saffron?

The best supplement depends on the type of saffron you use and the reason you use it. It is better to consult doctors to choose the best supplement for your usage.

Is the dose of saffron important in choosing supplement?

Yes, the dose of saffron you use per day is important in choosing the supplement and health effects of this spice. The not recommended or too much using amount of this spice could be harmful.

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