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  • (1克)优质藏红花|Super Negin
  • 加倍的激情,加倍的快乐!
  • 全天然、优质 1 类藏红花
  • 经过实验室测试的藏红花,富含番红花醛(香气)、匹克藏红花素(风味)和藏红花素(颜色)
  • 优质藏红花,Super Negin 级以其在烹饪和药用方面的功效而闻名。
  • 并非所有藏红花都是一样的,Queen of Flowers Saffron 根据 ISO 3632 标准对藏红花进行严格测试,采购世界上最高品质的藏红花线。
  • Queen of Flowers 藏红花与农民合作生产藏红花,与世界其他地方不同。 土壤、地形和种植技术的巧妙融合,代代相传,只生产出最优质的藏红花。
  • 藏红花被称为“黄金香料”,是一种治疗香料,被美食家和那些希望从所有健康益处中受益的人使用。
  • 伊朗产品
  • 家庭拥有和经营的公司

我们的Magic Twins藏红花将使您的满意度翻倍!

介绍Magic Twins 藏红花,奢华和风味的缩影。 这种优质香料从番红花鲜艳的红色柱头上精心采摘而成,将把你的烹饪创意提升到新的高度。

来自伊朗最好的藏红花农场,Magic Twins藏红花以其卓越的品质而闻名。 每一条充满活力的串都是经过精心挑选的,确保只有最有力、最美味的柱头才能进入每一个罐子。 体验这种金色香料的丰富和优雅,它为您喜爱的菜肴增添了色彩和味道。

Magic Twins 藏红花是送给欣赏生活中美好事物的朋友和家人的完美礼物。 无论他们是经验丰富的厨师还是有抱负的家庭厨师,他们都会喜欢这种super negin藏红花的细腻香气和独特的风味。

magic twins super negin 藏红花 1 克

在厨房里,Magic Twins 藏红花是一种多功能的食材,可以用来改善各种菜肴。 从美味的抓饭到奶油甜点,这种香料为任何食谱增添了深度和复杂性。 让你的饮料充满魔力,或者制作一种美味的藏红花酱汁,即使是最挑剔的味觉也会留下深刻印象

两罐Magic Twins藏红花不仅美观,而且用于储存这种珍贵的香料也很实用 把一个留给自己,另一个送给爱人,传播每个罐子带来的快乐和魅力。

无论你是举办聚会还是寻找独特的纪念品,魔术双胞胎藏红花一定会给你留下持久的印象。 这款纯净精致的香料体现了奢华和品味的精髓,提升您的烹饪创意。 立即订购您的双包,开启一个充满风味可能性的世界。

藏红花很贵,但Queen of Flowers承诺让每天的厨师都能负担得起。 按克出售或按重量批量出售!


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  • Type: Super Negin
  • Origin: Iran, Khorasan
  • Date: October '2023
  • How to use saffron
How to use saffron
Crocin (Coloring)
Safranal (Taste)
Humidity Levels
Saffron Benefits

Beyond Flavor: Dive into the World of Saffron!

Saffron. The name itself evokes images of luxurious dishes and exotic cuisines. But this "king of spices" offers more than just a vibrant hue and intoxicating aroma. Saffron boasts a treasure trove of potential health benefits that have been explored for centuries!

The exciting ways saffron might enhance your well-being:

  • Mood Magic: Saffron has shown promise in studies related to mood regulation. Its potential antidepressant properties might offer a natural approach to managing low mood.
  • Memory Marvel: Research suggests saffron may play a role in cognitive function and memory. This makes it an intriguing natural option for supporting brain health.
  • Antioxidant Ally: Packed with antioxidants, saffron can help combat free radicals in the body, potentially reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Immunity Influencer: Early studies suggest saffron might have immune-modulating properties, potentially contributing to a healthy immune system.

But wait, there's more! Saffron is also being explored for its potential benefits in:

  • Managing PMS symptoms
  • Supporting healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promoting eye health

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"Packaging and scent are perfect, flavor is excellent. The reason that it is perfect, is that I compare it with saffron that was given to me directly from Persia. I will order this again and again. Visitors that had my paella raved about the taste and I agree it was excellent, Definitely recommended."
"It came very neatly packaged. The box is exactly as shown in the pictures. I was able to smell it outside the box as well. The flavor is good too. By the flavor and taste so far, I am assuming that it is indeed quite pure."
"Saffron in the super markets is almost impossible to find and when you do it is outrageously priced, like more than gold per gram. So, this was a welcome find for me at a reasonable price with enough quantity to do many batches of Persian Saffron rice."
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